NEW Limited Edition DC Shoes Now Available EXCLUSIVELY at Jim Hanley's Universe!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Jim Hanley's Universe and Warner Bros. are proud to announce the release of 3 new sneaker designs from Limited Soles and DC Comics, available EXCLUSIVELY from Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City!

These new Kicks are now available for pre-order, exclusively from our stores in New York and at the Jim Hanley's Universe booth at New York Comic Con, booth 1613! You will not find these exclusive shoes online, nor in any other store anywhere in the north-east. There are three designs, for Batman, The Joker, and Superman, and are available for only $110. Each design is limited to less than 2000 pairs worldwide, and features art and design by some of the hottest creators in comics. The sneakers are currently available in Men's sizes 7 through 13. We've started taking orders already on these eye-catching sneakers, and due to the extremely limited availability and hot designs, we expect them to go very quickly.

So how do you get your hands on a pair? Simply drop by either of our retail locations or at our booth at New York Comic Con, booth 1613, and fill out an order form. The shoes arrive in-store for you to pick up just two weeks later. I cannot stress enough how rare these shoes are, how utterly comfortable they are (I'm wearing the Joker shoes in the pics below), and how awesome they look in person. We have some sample shoes in our Manhattan store to look at, and they are almost a work of art on their own. These shoes are gauranteed to turn heads, and you can be rest assured, only a handful of people accross the country will own a pair (each shoe box comes numbered with exclusive box art). CLICK BELOW FOR EXCLUSIVE PICS OF THE SHOES!

So if you are a comic fan, or a fan of exclusive Kicks, these are the shoes for you. Act quickly, because we expect these to sell out!

Pictures of these incredible shoes follow the jump.

Here are the Batman shoes. Check out the individul pics here.

Here are the Joker shoes. Check out the individual pics here.

And here are the Superman Shoes. Check out the individual pics here.

All photos by Jeffrey O. Gustafson



The Bryan Lee O'Malley SCOTT PILGRIM Release Party Just Keeps Getting Better!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

We've already let you know about our exclusive signing and release party midnight February 3 with Bryan Lee O'Malley celebrating the release of Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe... Well, it just gets better! Not only will you be the first in the world to get your hands on the hot new Scott Pilgrim book, not only will you be able to meet Scott Pilgrim at the hottest party anywhere, but you will also be the first to get some exclusive Scott Pilgrim goodies!

EXCLUSIVE Scott Pilgrim Obi Wrap!

Come in for the release party and signing Tuesday Night, February 3 at Midnight, and be the first to get this exclusive Scott Pilgrim 5 Obi Wrap FREE (!) with your copy of Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe! This extremely limited edition book cover features original, never-before-seen art by O'Malley, while supplies last. But wait! IT GETS EVEN BETTER!

EXCLUSIVE I (Scott) NY Ringer Tees!

If the exclusive wrap wasn't wog-bogglingly awesome enough, feast your eyes on this EXCLUSIVE T-Shirt from Oni celebrating Scott Pilgrim and New York City. Show your pride in NYC, and do so in the coolest way possible, with a Scott Pilgrim ringer tee! This shirt will only be available in New York, and Jim Hanley's Universe will be the first place in the world you can get this, for only 20 bucks! What a deal!

On top of all this (release party + signing + exclusive free wrap + exclusive tee shirt!!!), Oni has announced that the first printing of Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe will have a spectacular FOIL cover!

And I know Bryan and Oni have some surprises in store for the release party that we can't talk about - just take my word for it, THE place to be is Jim Hanley's Universe! Don't forget, in addition to the HUGE Scott Pilgrim release party, we will have the JHU Magnificent Seven Mini-Con that Thursday. I can't think of anywhere else to be prior to the big weekend than Jim Hanley's Universe.

Stay tuned for more!


Update 2/13: Check out the photos from the event here!


Weekly Checklist for Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ahoy! Here are the comics, trades, manga, books, toys, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe Wednesday, January 28, 2009.


Avengers: New Avengers 49
Avengers: The Initiative 21
Captain Action 2
Criminal:SC-Comp: 4-Bad Night 4
Daredevil(2) 115
Final Crisis 7
Garth Ennis' Battlefields: Dear Billy 1
Justice Society of America(2) 23
Umbrella Academy: Dallas 3
Watchmen:Fig: Movie: Series 1

The FULL CHECKLIST can be seen after the jump.

Archie Comics
Archie {Comics} 593
Archie: Betty and Veronica Digest 191
Archie: Jughead's Double Digest 147

Dark Horse Comics
Berserk:SC-GN: 27
Mister X: Condemned 2
Star Wars: Legacy 32
Star Wars:SC-Comp: Vector: 1- 1
Umbrella Academy: Dallas 3
Usagi Yojimbo(3) 117

DC Comics
Batman 685
Batman: Gotham After Midnite 9
Batman: The Brave And the Bold 1
Batman:SC-Comp: The Man Who Laughs
Blue Beetle(3) 35
Cartoon Network Block Party 53
Fables: Jack of Fables 30
Faces of Evil: Kobra 1
Ferryman 5
Final Crisis 7
Final Crisis: Revelations 5
Fire Investigator Nanase:SC-GN: 1
Fringe 2
Greatest Hits 5
Green Arrow/Black Canary:SC-Comp:Family Business 3
House of Mystery:SC-Comp: Showcase 3 <212-226> E+HB>
Huntress: Year One:SC-Comp
Justice Society of America(2) 23
King of Cards:SC-GN: 6
Legion of Super-Heroes(5) 50
Northlanders 14
Push 5
Reign In Hell 7
Resistance 2
Superman(2) 684
Superman:HC-Comp: DC Library: Kryptonite Nevermore<233-237/240-242> O'Neil + Swan/Anderson>
Teen Titans(8) 67
Trinity 35
Unknown Soldier (3) 4
War That Time Forgot 9
Wildcats: Worlds End 7
Wonder Woman (3) 28

Dynamite Entertainment
Garth Ennis' Battlefields: Dear Billy 1
Terminator: Revolution 2
Xena vs. Army of Darkness: What Again? 4

IDW Publishing
Journey:SC-Comp: 2- 2
Presidents of the United States:SC-GN:
Skate Farm:SC-GN: 1
Star Trek:SC-Comp: Archives: Best of Gary Seven 3

Image Comics
Astounding Wolf-Man 12
Darkness(3) 10
Dead Ahead 2
Dragon Prince 4 Ron Marz + Lee Moder>
Invincible 58
Proof 16
Savage 4
Savage Dragon (2) 144
Transhuman:SC-Comp 1

Manga Mania!
Ghost Slayers Ayashi:SC-GN: 2
Manhwa 100:SC-GN: New Era for Korean Comics

Marvel Comics
Avengers: New Avengers 49
Avengers: New Avengers:HC-Comp: 3- 3 <21-31> Bendis + Maleev/Yu/Coip>
Avengers: New Avengers:HC-Comp: 3- 3 <21-31> Bendis + Maleev/Yu/Coipe>
Avengers: The Initiative 21
Captain America(5) 46
Criminal:SC-Comp: 4-Bad Night 4
Daredevil(2) 115
Dark Tower: Treachery 5
Ender's Game: Enders Shadow: Battle School 2
Fantastic Four 563
Fantastic Four: Marvel Adventures 44
Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch 4
Hulk: Incredible Hercules(2) 125
Marvel 1985:HC-Comp:
Marvel Masterworks:HC-Comp: Golden Age Captain America: 3 3 <9-12>
Marvel Masterworks:HC-Comp: Golden Age Captain America: 3 3 <9-12>
Marvels: Eye of Camera 3
Ms Marvel (2) 35
Nova(4) 21
Punisher: War Zone (2) 6
Runaways(3) 6
Scourge of Gods 1
Secret Invasion:SC-Comp: Fantastic Four
She-Hulk(4) 37
Skaar: Son of Hulk 7
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man: Extra 2
Spider-Man: Ultimate Spider-Man 130
Spider-Man:SC-Comp: Ultimate Spider-Man:21-War of Symbiotes 21 <123-128> Bendis + Immonen/Von Grawbadge>
The Stand: Captain Trips 5
Ultimatum:HC-Comp: March on Ultimatum
Wolverine: First Class 11
X-Force(3) 11
X-Men: Worlds Apart 4
X-Men: Young X-Men 10
X-Men:HC-Comp: Original Sin

Other Cool Comics
Buckaroo Banzai: Big Size 1
Captain Action 2
City of Dust 4
Fist of Justice 4
Freakangels: Art of Paul Duffield 1
Glamourpuss 5
Hero Squared: Love + Death 1
Sheena: Dark Rising 3
Wind Raider 1
Battle Vixens:SC-GN: 14
King of Hell:SC-GN: 22
Pixie:SC-GN: 1
Rave Master:SC-GN: 32
Rebirth:SC-GN: 22
Rose Hip Rose:SC-GN 4
Tokko: Devil's Awaken:SC-GN: 3
Trinity Blood:SC-GN: 9

Viz Media
Bastard!!:SC-GN: 18
Inu-Yasha:SC-GN: 36
Project Arms:SC-GN: 21

Cool Books
Adventures of Charlez From Marz:SC-GN: Going Home 1
Doctor Who:HC: Story of Martha
Doctor Who:HC: The Eyeless
Watchmen:HC: Art of the Film
Watchmen:HC: Film Portraits
Watchmen:HC: Official Film Companion
Watchmen:SC: Official Film Companion
Weird Detective Adventures of Wade Hammond:SC-Novel: 3- 3

Comic Shop News:Promo-Bundle: 1128
High Adventure:Mag: {Pulp Review} 104
Previews(19) 2
Previews(19) Adult Supplement 2
Simpsons Classics Magazine 19
Starlog:Mag: 374
Tomart's:Mag: Action Figure Digest: Kenner Legacy Pack 1
Wizard: The Comics Magazine 209

Statues + Other Cool Stuff
Batman:Bisque: 1966 Live Action TV Series Batmobile Replica
Captain Action:Statue:
Transformers:Bisque: Ironhide Bust

Battlestar Galactica:Fig: Series 3-Razor 3
DC:Fig: 13-Inch Deluxe Collector
Marvel Minimates:Fig: Punisher War Zone Box Set
Marvel Select:Fig: Captain Marvel
Star Trek:Fig: Captain Kirk w/Electronic Command Chair
Street Fighter:Fig: IV: 7-Inch Series 1 Asst
Watchmen:Fig: Movie: Series 1


"Based On The Comic..." Reading Recommendations for Four Recent Movies

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

by Jeffrey O. Gustafson

Of 2008's slate of superhero movies, there were some definite hits (Iron Man, The Dark Knight) and some definite misses (Punisher: War Zone, The Spirit). I know when these films came out, folks were asking for the adaptations of the movies, but neither Marvel or DC have put out adaptations for their recent films. However, we can direct you to some excellent collected editions that may have provided the inspiration for the films, or make excellent companions.

This summer's Iron Man movie is widely regarded as one of the better superhero movies ever released. The film-makers did not choose a specific storyline from Iron Man's past, but chose instead to take elements from past stories, and the essence of who Tony Stark is, and crafted a fun, political, action packed sci-fi thriller. A good companion for the movie for those who may not have read much Iron Man is definitely this year's new Invincible Iron Man by Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca, now available in hardcover (coincidentally, on my best-of list for 2008).

This new Iron Man series has been a smash hit with both critics and fans alike, and for many good reasons. Until recently, a B-List character who shines more in team books, Iron Man has become the lynch-pin of the Marvel Universe: His side came out victorious in the superhero civil war, he is the leader of the Avengers and the director of SHIELD, and the world depends on the technology his multi-billion dollar company makes. But instead of jumping into the mire of Tony Stark's place within the Marvel Universe, Fraction wisely tells a story a bit more close to home for Iron Man. The story follows Stark as he tries to defend his company, his life, and the lives of millions from the son of an old enemy with a serious bone to pick. The book, with stunning art by Larroca, is the best solo Iron Man book put out in years, and is packed with action, humor, cool surprises, and nifty little moments (I got a kick out of the casual game of chess with Reed Richards and the quiet moments between Tony and the ever loyal Pepper Potts). This book provides an excellent introduction to the character for those unfamiliar with him, and primes the reader for the changes to come in Tony's life as a result of Marvel's big Secret Invasion event. Fraction and Larroca's Invincible Iron Man is the new solo it-book for the Marvel Universe and one of the best superhero books on the stands.

Like Iron Man, this summer's smash-hit masterpiece The Dark Knight doesn't have any single influence, but many.

One of the easiest to find is certainly the highly regarded The Long Halloween by the noted team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. The focus of Long Halloween is a murder mystery - someone is killing mobsters, and it is up to Batman to find out and stop it. At the same time, district attorney Harvey Dent is struggling to prosecute both the murders and the mobsters, despite the corruption all around him. The Dark Knight uses the essence of Long Halloween's depiction of Harvey Dent's journey from savior to fallen hero quite effectively, and mirrors the story's greater focus on Bruce Wayne/Batman as an active, skilled detective.

Of course the main focus of The Dark Knight is the Joker, and a good example of who the Joker is and just how far he will go can be found in the seminal Batman story The Killing Joke by comics master Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. While accross nearly 70 years, many great stories have been told of the Joker's twisted actions and his even more twisted relationship with the Caped Crusader, The Killing Joke is widely regarded as one of the best - and one of the best single comics ever made. In one issue, we see Joker go farther than he has before with his enemies in the police department in terms of sheer brutality and psychological violence, (what may be) Joker's origin, and we see in just a few pages the essence of the relationship between two troubled men in costume, inexorably tied to each other for the rest of their lives. DC recently re-released The Killing Joke as a deluxe hardcover, and for anyone interested in reading the definitive Joker story, this is the book to get.

There have been several notorious attempts to bring the Punisher to the big screen, and last month's Punisher: War Zone excited fans with obvious intentions to finally "get it right." Apparently, to the producers, getting it right meant seeking out the source material, specifically Garth Ennis's defining run with the character in Punisher from Marvel's MAX Comics mature-readers line of books. Punisher War Zone, like Punisher MAX, is a brutally violent work. But unlike Ennis's Punsiher, it is a profoundly stupid one. It has all of the brutality of Punisher MAX, with none of the context.

Let me explain... In Punisher War Zone, Frank Castle wages war against the worst criminals alive, and what is presented is brutal, gory, and completely without context. The violence is glorified. Certainly the level of violence in Punisher MAX is at levels almost unseen in superhero comics, but in Ennis's books, it is presented simply as is. There are certainly cool looking moments, but it is not glorified. The brutality presented, is simply what used to be off-panel or hinted at in previous incarnations - if Frank Castle really did what he set out to do, this is what it looks like. The reader sees these images, and must come to a moral conclusion about what he or she is seeing within the context of the story. In Punisher MAX, characters within the story argue and debate the merits of what Punsiher is doing, the effect on society his actions have. You question the nature of vigilante justice - not just the nature of what Frank Castle is doing, but the nature of what all vigilantes do. The reader never loses sight of the fact that the Punisher is a murderer, not a superhero, that he kills people in cold blood, bad people. And that his war on crime, and the wars of his past, have left him a deeply scarred person. Castle's tragic past - his experiences in Vietnam, the loss of his family - is never used as an excuse by himself or others... again, it is simply presented as is: this is what happened, here is where he is now, you the reader must decide whether or not this is right, just, moral.

If you were as frustrated by the recent Punisher movie as I was and want some Punisher stories with depth as well as the violence expected from someone like him, then Garth Ennis's Punisher MAX is the title to read. Ennis has had a long and storied association with the character, who he redefined in the several fun series from Marvel Knights (indeed, Marvel recently released a nifty Omnibus collecting all of Ennis's pre-MAX Punisher work). Under the MAX banner, Ennis, along with several different talented artists, took Frank Castle out of the world of capes and superheroes and into our own. His enemies are frequently involved in organized crime and the simply corrupt. Castle encounters the full gamut of the worst that humanity can inflict on its own, and he metes out the appropriate punishment to those who would kill, maim, enslave. He goes from the streets of New York to take out gangsters, to the barren tundra of Siberia to save a life and stop a plague from getting into the wrong hands, to Miami to eliminate corrupt businessmen. The ten volumes comprising Ennis's Punisher are largely self-contained individually, though I would read them in order. As the series progresses, the levels that his targets will go to defend themselves increase - as does the response from law enforcement to capture the Punisher at all costs, and there is a loose overall arc the whole series follows. Part espionage thriller, part mystery, part brutal exploration of the nature of vigilante justice, this series has it all, including a surprising and moving climax in the final volume.

Will Eisner's seminal work, The Spirit, was turned into a feature film directed by Frank Miller. The version of the Spirit presented by Miller is nothing at all like any version of the Spirit ever put into print - Denny Colt, Eisner's masked crime fighter, has no superpowers, and the overall vision Miller put forth is more similar to Miller's own works, and bears almost zero resemblance to Eisner's masterworks. Hopefully, by now, this is known by most comic fans... but, if you are unfamiliar with The Spirit, where to start?

The best place, of course, is Eisner's original works. Enough cannot be said about Will Eisner's importance to the comic medium. He is widely regarded as inventing, or at least popularizing the graphic novel (yes, there were antecedents, but it was Eisner who had the earliest critical and commercial success with the form). But just as important is his contributions to the language of graphic storytelling in his Spirit strips. Created as a seven page newspaper insert in the summer of 1940, The Spirit would re-invent how stories are told in comics. Previously, comics stuck to a pretty rigid panel/grid structure... Eisner's Spirit radically broke free from these constraints, with images that burst out of the panels and spread across entire pages. The construction of the images allowed the manipulation of both the perception and pacing of the story, and allowed a much greater artistry. Everything we take for granted about the construction of the comic form that allows for a depth in storytelling that prose or film simply cannot achieve were created by Eisner in these strips. There are so few truly revolutionary reinventions of the form in comic's history, and Eisner's The Spirit represents one of those important, influential changes.

But what about the stories? Not only does Eisner experiment with language of comics, but he also used The Spirit to play with different genres, going from noir (one of the first examples of comic noir in graphic fiction) to crime dramas to love stories and horror and comedy and, of course, mystery, or some inventive combination thereof, all keeping the humanity of his wide and colorful supporting cast front and center. All of Eisner's work on the Spirit has been collected by DC in a series of wonderful hardcover archive editions, and just like DC's archive series, the stories are presented with vibrantly reconstructed colors on archive-quality paper. The Eisner Archive series also collects the work of other contemporary artists on who worked on The Spirit while Eisner was serving in World War 2, including Jack Cole, Jules Feiffer, Joe Kubert, Lou Fine, Wally Wood and more.

Eisner published The Spirit between 1940 and 1952. Eisner put out a handful of new Spirit stories in the 1960s and 1970s. Starting in 1996, many notable comics creators tried their hand at the Spirit including Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Paul Chadwick, Paul Pope, Neil Gaiman and more. Eisner's final work on the character appeared in The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist #6. After Eisner's passing, DC put out the wonderful new Spirit series written and illustrated by the modern master, Darwyn Cooke. Cooke's take on the Spirit brought him into the modern world without changing the feel of the original, with Cooke's specific style perfectly suited to the colorful cast of characters inhabiting Eisner's world of noir crime-fighting and mystery. Cooke's work has been collected in two hardcovers, and the current Spirit series continues, written by Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragones.

For anyone looking to get into The Spirit, either the Eisner archives or the current Cooke collections are a perfect place to start. DC also recently released a couple of trade-paperback collections containing some of Eisner's best work, in The Best of The Spirit, and The Spirit: Femme Fatales.

c) 2009 Jeffrey O. Gustafson - The opinions expressed are solely those of the author.


In Defense of the Annual

Sunday, January 25, 2009

When I was growing up, the Annual was something you could take or leave. It was an extra issue you either wanted or didn’t want, that had something to do with the regular story…or nothing at all. It was filler, maybe, but you never knew if you passed up a gem or not. Nowadays, the annual is kind of an afterthought. It’s more than likely an inventory story that is being used to fill the gap between a late issue and it’s last release or it’s a pathetic attempt to grab more of the consumer’s dollar in a bad economy. Personally, the former insults me more than the latter; I’m more than willing to shell out some money for an extra issue of my favorite comic. If only we could look at it as just that…13 issues instead of 12 plus one. Throwing out some random, possibly out of continuity comic to simply fill the shelf is kind of a jerk move, but that’s neither here nor there.

This week, The Uncanny family of X-Men had their “second” annual (a quick look at the Comic Book Database reveals that there have been 27 annuals; three years since the last one) and it was a Dark Reign tie-in. Before I get into that, I want to tell you about my absolute favorite annual ever, which also happens to be an Uncanny X-Men Annual.

Growing up, if it had Wolverine on the cover and it wasn’t a regular issue of Uncanny, there was a good chance it’d find it’s way into my long box. Good, not great. Back then, I had no idea how great Alan Davis was (and still is, in my book). I knew that when I looked at this comic, it wasn’t John Romita, Jr. or new artist, Marc Silvestri, and I might need more convincing. Sure, Chris Claremont was writing it, but I’d been burned before (back then, I wasn’t too crazy about Rick Leonardi or, gasp! Barry Windsor-Smith, but I’d learn in time). So, was this comic worth the extra .50 cents I’d plop down for it?


Without spoiling it too much, this comic is exactly why I loved (and still like) Wolverine as a character. The story doesn’t even focus too heavily on him; it’s an ensemble piece that even includes Captain Britain! But when the alien from a race I had never seen before or since comes to town to challenge the X-Men to go through a series of “greatest wish” type traps, Wolverine, the failed samurai who doesn’t believe he deserves his greatest wish, is the only one to come through. And then Wolverine gets killed. Seriously, search it out. Totally worth whatever Overstreet says it’s worth.

This week, the Dark Reign hit the Uncanny X-Men, and since that DR special, we’ve all been wondering what is up with the White Queen. Actually, since Whedon/Cassaday’s run, we’ve slept with our eyes open around her. This issue does nothing to assuage our fears about Emma Frost, but then, it does. She seems to be playing a lot of different angles, making her a true femme fatale in the crime noir sense (tip of the hat to Matt Fraction who knows what he’s doing with a noir femme). Is she betraying the X-Men? The whole mutant race? The whole human race? What is her angle with Norman Osborne’s new world order? There are a lot of questions answered, and while it doesn’t directly tie in to what’s going on in Uncanny, it does fill in a lot of holes in the dam.

Request: Someone please put Daniel Acuña on an X-Book!

The Annual…may you continue to come out yearly!


(Images courtesy of the Comic Book Database)


Weekly Checklist for Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Items of the Week
Avengers: Dark Avengers 1
Avengers: Mighty Avengers 21
Buffy: Angel: After the Fall 16
Faces of Evil: Deathstroke 1
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 2
Flaming Carrot:HC-Comp: 1-Collected 1 Bob Burden>
Green Lantern(4) 37
Justice League of America(4) 29
Powers HC-Comp: Definitive Collection 2 <#12-24,Ann#1> Bendis + Oeming>
Punisher(7) 66
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 583 Waid/Wells + Kitson/Nauck/Fa>
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 584
Thunderbolts (1) 128

The FULL CHECKLIST can be seen after the jump.

Archie Comics
Archie:SC-Comp: New Look Series: 2-Jughead the Matchmaker
Archie's Pal Jughead (2) 193
Archie's Pals 'n' Gals Double Digest 128
Archie: Betty and Veronica Spectacular (2) 87
Archie: Jughead and Friends Digest 31

Dark Horse Comics
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer:SC-Comp: Omnibus Vol 6 6
Conan (2): The Cimmerian 7
Gantz:SC-GN 3
Path of the Assassin:SC-GN 14
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 37

DC Comics
100 Bullets 99
Air 6
Batman: Birds of Prey (5) 126
Batman: Harley Quinn:SC-Comp: Preludes And Knock Knock Jokes
Batman: Robin (4) 182
Batman:SC-Comp: The Strange Deaths of Batman
Black Lightning: Year One 2
Brave And the Bold (2) 21
Faces of Evil: Deathstroke 1
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 2
Flash:SC-Comp: Emergency Stop
Gon:SC-GN 7
Green Lantern(4) 37
Hellblazer 251
Justice League of America(4) 29
Justice League of America:HC-Comp: 4-Sanctuary 4
Justice League of America:SC-Comp: Lightning Saga 2
Mysterius the Unfathomable 1
Scooby-Doo(7) 140
Shadowpact:SC-Comp: The Burning Age 4
Spirit(3) 25
Stormwatch: PHD 18
Supergirl(5) 37
Superman/Batman: Annual 3
Superman:SC-Comp: Shadows Linger
Tangent: Supermans Reign 11
Teru Teru X Shonen:SC-GN 4
Tiny Titans 12
Tokyo Days/Bangkok Nights:SC-Comp
Trinity 34
Vigilante(3) 2
World of Warcraft 15
X-Files (3) 3

Dynamite Entertainment
Army of Darkness: From Ashes 16
Battlestar Galactica: New: Ghosts 4
Garth Ennis' Battlefields: Night Witches 3
Highlander Origins Kurgan 1
Lone Ranger and Tonto 2

IDW Publishing
Angora Napkin:HC-GN:
Buffy: Angel: After the Fall 16
Dark Delicacies 1
Doctor Who: The Forgotten 6
Epilogue 4
Fallen Angel 33
Star Trek: Countdown 1
Transformers: Movie Prequel: Revenge of the Fallen: Defiance 1

Image Comics
Frank Frazetta: Moon Maid
Spawn 188
Ted Mckeever Library:HC-Comp: 2-Eddy Current 2
Zero G 4

Manga Mania!
After School Nightmare:SC-GN: 10
Aranzi Hour:SC Complete
Double Trouble GN
Maximum Ride:SC-GN: Vol 01 1
Tezukas: Black Jack:SC-GN: 3

Marvel Comics
Avengers: Dark Avengers 1
Avengers: Marvel Adventures 32
Avengers: Mighty Avengers 21
Avengers: Mighty Avengers:HC-Comp: 4-Secret Invasion 4
Captain America: Theater of War: America the Beautiful
Dr Doom: Masters of Evil 1
Fantastic Four:SC-Comp: Visionaries: John Byrne: 0 0
Ghost Rider(8) 31
Guardians of Galaxy (2) 9
Iron Fist:SC-Comp: Immortal: 3-Book of Iron Fist 3
Iron Man:SC-Comp: Director of SHIELD: Iron Hands
Marvel Adventures: Two-in-One 19
Moon Knight(7) 26
Powers HC-Comp: Definitive Collection 2 <#12-24,Ann#1> Bendis + Oeming>
Punisher(7) 66
Ruins 1
Secret Invasion: Posterbook
Secret Invasion:SC-Comp: Captain Marvel
Secret Invasion:SC-Comp: Home Invasion
Secret Invasion:SC-Comp: War Machine 1
Spider-Man Noir 2
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 583 Waid/Wells + Kitson/Nauck/Fa>
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 584
Spider-Man:HC-Comp: New Ways to Die
Squadron Supreme 2 7
Thunderbolts (1) 128
War Machine 2
Weapon X: First Class 3
Wolverine: First Class:SC-Comp: 2 To Russia with Love 2
Wolverine: Origins 32
Wolverine:SC-Comp: The Essential Wolverine 1
X-Factor(3) 39
X-Men: Kingbreaker 2
X-Men: Legacy(2) 220
X-Men: New Exiles 17
X-Men: The Astonishing X-Men(3) 28
X-Men: The Uncanny X-Men Annual 2
Ythaq: The Forsaken World 2

Other Cool Comics
1001 Arabian Nights: Adventures of Sinbad 7
3 Geeks: Slab Madness 1
Bionicle:HC-GN: 4
Bionicle:SC-GN: 4
Botanists in Action!
Fathom(5) 5
Flaming Carrot:HC-Comp: 1-Collected 1
Grimm Fairy Tales: Giant Size 1
Hack/Slash Series 19
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac New Ptg 1
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac New Ptg 2
Knights of the Dinner Table 147
Land of Oz: Manga Return to Emerald City 2
Miss Dont Touch Me GN
Never Bad As You Think:HC-Comp:
Rabid Rabbit 9
Simpsons Comics 150
Soul Chaser Betty:SC-GN:
Spooks: Omega Team 4
Street Fighter: Legends: Chun Li 1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tales of the TMNT 54
WarHammer:SC-Comp: Only War Omnibus
Windy Corner Magazine 2
Love Attack:SC-GN: 5

Viz Media
Fushigi Yugi:SC-GN: 1- Vizbig 1
Case Closed: Detective Conan:SC-GN: 27
Real:SC-GN: 3
Shojo Beat!:Mag:(5) 2

Cool Apparel
Green Lantern:T-Shirt: Corps Violet Symbol Blk

Cool Books
Ditko:SC: Edge of Genius
Gorgeous and Hung:SC:
Oishinbo Japanese Cuisine:SC-GN:
Slingshot:SC: 32 Postcards by Eric Drooker
The F-Word:Mag: 3
The Real Cost of Prisons Comix:SC:

Back Issue:Mag: 32
Comic Shop News:Promo-Bundle: 1127
Comics Revue:Mag: 273
G-Fan:Mag: 86
Heroes Magazine 8
Hobby Japan:Mag: 61
Locus:Mag: 576
Megami:Mag: 32
Non-Sport Update:Mag: Card Price Guide (19) 1
Star Wars:Mag: Insider 107
Supernatural:Mag: 8
Tomart's:Mag: Action Figure Digest 174
Wizard:Mag: Anime Insider 65

Statues + Other Cool Stuff
Carnage:Bisque: Statue
Cloak + Dagger:Bisque: Mini-Bust
Jack of Hearts:Bisque: Mini-bust
Jean Grey Marvel Girl Statue
Medusa:Bisque: Statue
Michael Golden:Portfolio: Gift Pack Regular Ed 1
Toon Tumblers:Glass: DC Heroes Asst 1
Transformers:Bisque: Rumble Bust
Watchmen:Bisque: Movie Ozymandias Bust
Watchmen:Bisque: Movie Rorschach Bust

Aliens:Fig: Alien Warrior 7-Inch
Batman:Fig: Brave + the Bold Vehicle Asst
Final Fantasy:Fig: Series Trading Arts Vol 3 Set
Indiana Jones:Fig: Idol Replica Bank
Rolling Stones:Fig: 70s Keith Richards Udf
Rolling Stones:Fig: 70s Mick Jagger Udf
Star Trek:Fig: TNG:Ensign Ro Laren
Star Trek:Fig: TNG: Ser 5Asst
Star Trek:Fig: TOS: Tribble Role Play



New Game Day Announcements!

by Steven Whalen

Game Day at Jim Hanley’s Universe in Staten Island is proud to announce two very special events as well as a brand new schedule for 2009! Game Day is proud to be New York City’s premiere destination to play officially sanctioned tournaments for card games such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, and The Vs. System!

First off, our two big tournament announcements...

Saturday January 31st - Magic: The Gathering Conflux Prerelease Tournament!

Entry Fee - $25 dollars - Sealed Format

Deck building starts at 12PM
The tournament starts at 1PM and ends at 5PM
The tournament is limited to the first 36 entrants, so get here early!

Be the first to get cards from the new Magic: The Gathering Conflux expansion! This event will take place a full week before most stores nationwide will receive the product. Participants will receive 3 Conflux booster packs and 3 Shards of Alara booster packs with which they will build a 40-card deck for Sealed Play. All participants will also receive an exclusive Malfegor promo card! Winners will receive Conflux Booster packs based on attendance!

Saturday February 7th – Magic: The Gathering Conflux Launch Party!

Entry Fee- 3 Booster packs – Draft Format
Player registration starts at 12PM
The Tournament starts at 1PM and ends at 5PM
Players will not be seated after 1PM, so please be here on time!

Celebrate the arrival of the new Magic: The Gathering Conflux expansion! Participants will receive 3 Conflux booster packs for Drafting. All participants will also receive an exclusive Obelisk of Alara promo card! Winners will receive Conflux Booster packs based on attendance!

Now, our next big announcement:


The wait is over! Game Day is now EVERY Friday and Sunday starting February 1st!

Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh! - 1PM-4PM
Magic: The Gathering & The Vs. System – 4PM-9PM

Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh! - 4PM-6PM
Magic: The Gathering & The Vs. System – 6PM-10PM
*Friday Night Magic-Receive exclusive promos!

For more information, email or call our Staten Island store.


(Note from Jeff: Jim Hanley's Universe is very excited about game days at our Staten Island store, and we have some more very exciting announcements coming in the weeks to come! Stay tuned, as this blog will be your resource for all things gaming at JHU!)


Special Thanks to Stephen Baldwin and Paul Azaceta

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Everyone had a great time at our Remnant signing tonight with Stephen Baldwin and Paul Azaceta. A special thanks to Stephen and Paul, and to all the fans who dropped by!

Here are some EXCLUSIVE photos from the signing.

You can check out the individual photos here.



Live Blogging the Obama-Spidey release

The first customer in line with the first copy, 8:30am.

This is it folks! In just one short hour, we open up our doors to folks waiting in line to get their hands on a piece of history. So far there are a dozen people in line, with more showing up by the minute. As expected, we have a limited supply of the Barack Obama cover to Amazing Spider-Man 583, and should sell out very quickly.

Roger Clark, a reporter from New York 1 has been reporting LIVE from Jim Hanley's Universe. Stay tuned to NY1 and this space for more!

Live blogging and photos continue after the jump!

Update 7:40am:
The line grows longer as the phone starts to ring off the hook following the NY1 reports. For those wondering, we are selling both the Obama cover and the normal John Romita cover AT COVER PRICE! That's right, folks, just $3.99. We expect to sell out very quickly, but there is still room in line to get the Obama cover.

Update 8:00am:
For those calling concerned they will not get a copy today, fret not! We will have many, many, many additional copies NEXT WEEK! That's right, next week we will have additional copies of the Barack Obama cover to Amazing Spider-Man 583, at no per-customer limit, at only $3.99!

Right now, there is still some room on line outside to get the comic today, but quantities are limited, with one copy per customer.

Update 8:15am:
Almost there, folks! Don't forget, we will sell out quickly, but in addition to the extra copies coming in seven days, our New Dorp, Staten Island location will have copies available at noon!

Update 8:30am:
The doors are open! We're letting the first of the folks waiting in line now.

Update 9:00am:
Hoo-dilly! As expected, we sold out of the Obama cover very quickly, but we still have a small number of the normal cover available. I just let the last of the line in, and I want to give a hearty thanks to all the folks that waited. I stood out there for 45 minutes letting folks in and hanging out. Ah, 16 degrees with a 1 degree wind chill! It was worth it!

Update 9:30am:
In case folks are wondering, at this moment, we do have copies of Amazing Spider-Man 583. Barack Obama is not on the cover, but he is featured on the inside of the book in the five page back-up story. At only $3.99, it is totally worth getting. And don't forget, next week we are getting additional copies with the soon-to-be president on the cover, and our Staten Island store will have a limited number of the first printings of the Obama cover when they open at noon, limit one per customer.

Update Noon:
The Manhattan store is now completely sold out of Amazing Spider-Man 583, and New Dorp is opening up its doors as I type this. Congrats to everyone that got a copy, and we look forward to seeing everyone next week when we get more of the Obama variants in!

And don't forget about all the other great new books that came out this week, including Final Crisis 6, Fables 80, the new Walking Dead omnibus, X-Infernus 2, and many more great books!

Update 9:30pm:
Check out these pics from the release this morning.

The individual images from the release can be seen here.



Website Flashback: The HUGE Marvel Signing from 4/14/08

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wow, I remember this signing! On April 14, 2008, just before last year's New York Comic Con, we scheduled a signing with Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev. Then, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Jeph Loeb, Jennifer Gruenwald, Dan Slott, Mark Morales, and Greg Pak showed up. What an incredible night for Jim Hanley's Universe and the more than 1000 fans who got to meet and greet the biggest names at comics, many of whom were not going to NYCC, exclusively at JHU. This year's pre-NYCC JHU Mini-Con will be just as exciting.

You can check out these photos in higher resolution here, and while you are there, check out the new JHU Flickr Photostream!



Website Flashback: AMC TV visits JHU

I've been clearing out all the media from our old website as we work towards making the blog your one-stop spot for all things JHU, and got a kick out of this. Stay tuned here for more blasts from the past!

Video follows after the jump!



Weekly Checklist for Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ahoy! Here are the comics, trades, manga, books, toys, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe Wednesday, January 14, 2009.


Daredevil:HC-Comp: Born Again
Final Crisis 6
GI Joe(8) 1
Hellboy:BPRD: Black Goddess 1
Locke + Key: Head Games 1
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 583
Walking Dead:HC-Comp: Omnibus: 2
X-Men: X-Infernus 2

The FULL CHECKLIST can be seen after the jump.

Archie Comics
Archie and Friends 127
Archie's Double Digest 195
Archie: Sonic the Hedgehog (2) 196

Dark Horse Comics
Cleaners 2
End League:SC-Comp: 1-Ballad of Big Nothing
Ghost Talkers Daydream:SC-GN: 3
Hellboy:BPRD: Black Goddess 1
Pigeons From Hell:SC-Comp
Solomon Kane 4

DC Comics
Army @ Love: The Art of War 6
Batman Confidential 25
Batman: Nightwing(2) 152
Booster Gold: All New (2) 16
Cartoon Network Action Pack 33
Classical Medley:SC-GN 2
DMZ 38
Eclipso:SC-Comp: Music of the Spheres
Fables 80
Faces of Evil: Prometheus 1
Final Crisis 6
Gen 13(4) 26
Green Arrow/Black Canary 16
Green Lantern Corps 32
House of Mystery:SC-Comp: 1-Room And Boredom
House of Mystery:SC-Comp: Showcase 1
Manhunter(4) 38
Push 4
Resistance 1
Simon Dark 16
Suihelibe:SC-GN: 2
Super Friends 11
Superman: Action Comics 873
Texas Chainsaw Massacre:SC-Comp: 2
Titans (2) 9
Titans:HC-Comp: Old Friends 1 <>
Trinity 33
Young Liars 11

Dynamite Entertainment
Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War 1
Death Defying Devil 2

IDW Publishing
Buffy: Angel: After the Fall: Cover Gallery One Shot
Doctor Who: Classics (2) 2
Ghost Whisperer: The Muse 2
Ghostbusters: The Other Side 4
GI Joe(8) 1
Locke + Key: Head Games 1
My Grandparents Are Secret Agents:SC-GN:
Sparrow:HC: William "Bill" Wray
Star Trek: Last Generation 3
Terminator: Salvation: Movie Prequel 1
Transformers: Movie Prequel: Revenge of the Fallen: Alliance 2
Transformers:SC-Comp: Armada 2

Image Comics
Hip Flask: Elephantman 15
I Hate Gallant Girl 3
I Kill Giants 7
Invincible 58
Parade with Fireworks:SC-Comp:
Perhapanauts 5
Walking Dead:HC-Comp: Omnibus: 2
Witchblade 123
Zombie Cop:SC-GN:

Marvel Comics
Adam: Legend of Blue Marvel 3
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Laughing Corpse 4
Anita Blake:SC-Comp: Vh First Death 1
Annihilation Conquest:SC-Comp: 2
Big Hero 6 5
Captain Britain And MI 13 9
Daredevil:HC-Comp: Born Again
House of M: Civil War 5
Hulk:SC-Comp: Visionaries: Peter David: 6
Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes 7
Marvel Adventures:SC-Comp: Triple Threat Digest 1
Marvel Illustrated: Odyssey 5
Nova: Origin: Richard Rider 1
Punisher War Zone 5
Spider-Girl: Amazing Spider-Girl 28
Spider-Man: Brand New Day 4
Spider-Man: Marvel Adventures 47
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 583
Spider-Man:SC-GN: Amazing Friends Digest
Wonderful Wizard of Oz 2
X-Force:SC-Comp: 1-Angels and Demons
X-Men/Spider-Man 3
X-Men: Deadpool(4) 6
X-Men: X-Infernus 1 <2nd> Cebulski + Camuncoli>
X-Men: X-Infernus 2

Oni Press
Wasteland 23

Other Cool Comics
Furrlough 187
Gravel 8
Phantom: Annual 2
Soulfire: Shadow Magic 2
Subculture:SC-GN: 1
Tales of Penance: Trial of the Century 4
Weapons File:SC-Comp: Extreme Arsenal: 1-
Hannah Montana Cinemanga:SC-GN: 7

Viz Media
Black Cat:SC-GN: 18
Dr. Slump:SC-GN: 17
Heavens Will:SC-GN: 1
Hunter X Hunter:SC-GN: 24
Kurohime:SC-GN 9
Shaman King:SC-GN: 20
Strawberry 100 %:SC-GN: 7
We Were There:SC-GN: 2
Whistle:SC-GN: 21

Green Lantern:T-Shirt: Corps Red Symbol Blk

Cool Books
Doc Savage:SC-Novel: 23-Double Novel
Shadow:SC-Novel: 24-Double Novel
Shadow:SC-Novel: 9-Double Novel

Alter Ego:Mag:(2) 83
Comic Shop News:Promo-Bundle: 1126
Comics Journal 295
Fangoria:Mag: 280
Heavy Metal Magazine<2k> 121
Mad Magazine 498
Rough Stuff 11
Scary Monsters:Mag: 69
ToyFare: The Toy Magazine 139

Statues + Other Cool Stuff
Batman:Bisque: Black and White Mini Statue
Batman:Bisque: Dark Knight: Batman Vinyl Statue
Superman:Bisque: vs. Darkseid Statue

Ame Comi:Fig: Hawkgirl Figure
DC:Fig: Universe: Infinite Heroes
NBX:Fig: Series 1
Watchmen:Fig: Movie: 1/6 Scale Figure

Please keep in mind that the above is subject to change in the event of delayed books or shipping errors. The above list is accurate as of 1/13/09.

Please see this post about the Barack Obama/Spider-Man comic.



Bryan Lee O'Malley is awesome

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Everyone here at JHU is absolutely psyched about the Bryan Lee O'Malley signing and release party for Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe, Tuesday February 3 at midnight. If you love Scott Pilgrim, then JHU is the place to be 2/3... Bryan and the folks at Oni have a ton of surprises in store, and we can't wait to see you there! Oh, and how awesome is Bryan Lee O'Malley? Not only did he plug this blog on his website, he designed this exclusive flyer for the signing:

c) 2009 Bryan Lee O'Malley

How great is that?

And don't forget about our upcoming Remnant signing with Stephen Baldwin this Wednesday!


Update 2/13: Check out the photos from the event here!


Reminder: Meet Hollywood Star STEPHEN BALDWIN January 14!

Hollywood star Stephen Baldwin will be signing his new comic, The Remnant with artist Paul Azaceta at our Manhattan location from 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Wednesday, January 14, 2009! See you there!


Update: Check out the photos from this signing here.


Barack Obama meets Spider-Man at Jim Hanley's Universe, 1/14 AND 1/28!!!

In case you hadn't heard, Barack Obama is guest starring in Amazing Spider-Man! The whole country is abuzz over the soon-to-be prez's guest appearance, and Jim Hanley's Universe will be your go-to spot to get this historic comic. We've been inundated with calls about this, so here's the low-down on how to get your hands on a copy.

The Amazing Spider-Man 583 Barack Obama variant cover (pictured left) will be available Wednesday, January 14, 2009. The book will be limited to one per customer and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will be open at 8:30am on 1/14. Please be aware that this issue will likely sell out very quickly, and quantities are extremely limited. We will have many copies of Amazing Spider-Man 583 without Mr. Obama on the cover (above right... check out that awesome John Romita cover!), but he will still be starring alongside your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler on the inside!

If you would still like to own a piece of history without the hassle, see below on how you can get the Barack Obama Spider-Man cover, at cover price and without restrictions when additional copies come in January 28!

On Wednesday, January 28, we will have nearly unlimited quantities of the gorgeous new printing of Amazing Spider-Man 583 Barack Obama variant. This historic comic (pictured above) is almost identical to the hard-to-find first printing, there will be no per-customer limit and will be available to everyone (while supplies last) at cover price!

So come in January 28 and pick up the comic that everyone is talking about.


UPDATE: Check out our coverage of the initial release of the comic, with photos, here!

Updated 1/22


Exclusive JHU Magnificent Seven Mini-Con! Seven creators, one night, 2/5!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

UPDATED 1/9/08!

More huge news!!! In addition to the HUGE Bryan Lee O'Malley Scott Pilgrim release party and signing February 3 at Midnight, we will also have five, count 'em, FIVE now SEVEN!, creators doing a huge signing with us that Thursday at our Manhattan store at 6:00 pm. We're calling it our Jim Hanley's Universe Magnificent Seven Mini-Con! Woot!

From the hot new mini-series X-Infernus we have our good friend, writer C.B. Cebulski, and, all the way from Italy (!!!), artist Giuseppe Camuncoli!

Also coming over from Italy (!!!) will be Marvel artists Gabriele Dell'Otto and from Secret Warriors artist Stefano Caselli! UPDATE! Also from Secret Warriors will be writer Jonathan Hickman! I'm personally psyched about Secret Warriors, which will be Hickman's first Marvel work, and we will have plenty of copies in stock for Hickman and Caselli to sign.

Joining C.B., Guiseppe, and Stefano will be novelist and writer of Cable and Iron Fist, Duane Swierczynski, as well as creator and writer of the hotly anticipated new series Jersey Gods, Glen Brunswick!

Wow, that's a lot of great creators! So if you are in town for the Con, or just want an opportunity to get some books signed by (or just say Hi to) more than a half dozen of the hottest creators in comics, then Thursday, February 5 is your night! And remember the Bendis signing last year? Don't be surprised if some special guests show up!


Update 2/13: Check out the photos from the event here!



Exclusive! The headline says it all folks, your eyes do not deceive you! This is one of the biggest signings of the year, and its going to be right here at Jim Hanley's Universe at our Manhattan Store!

Cartoonist Bryan Lee O'Malley will be signing copies of Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe, Tuesday Night, February 3, at midnight. Drop by the Manhattan Store, pick up some books, and stick around for the signing at midnight where you will be the first to get the hot, hot, HOT Scott Pilgrim 5.

This is a big deal, folks, with a bunch of surprises in store - be the first in the world to get the new Scott Pilgrim, get it signed by the author, and have a great time on top of that. Only at Jim Hanley's Universe, Midnight 2/3/09!


Update 1/11: Check out this wicked cool flyer from Bryan advertising the event here!

Update 1/29: JUST ANNOUNCED! Exclusive SP5 goodies including the new I (Scott) NY ringer tee will be available at Jim Hanley's Universe. Be the first to get this hot new shirt and an exclusive free Scott Pilgrim book wrap with your shiny new copy of Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe. CLICK HERE FOR MORE!

Update 2/13: Check out the photos from the event here!


INCOGNITO: Brubaker & Phillips are the new Lee & Kirby

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bold words, no? When you get right down to it, comics are a collaborative medium. Sure, guys like Chris Ware, Seth, and Adrian Tomine don't need the extra help, but for comic fans like me (ie, super hero comic fans), the best collaborations equal the best comics. For my money (yes, I do pay for comics), the best comics being done right now...the best comics to come out in the past 5 years...are comics by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. In celebration of their new comic, INCOGNITO (out right now!), I thought it'd be cool to look at some of their better team-ups.

CRIMINAL is Brubaker and Phillips' noir book. "Noir" is French for "black" and trust me, there is no darker comic on the shelves. Crooked cops, evil crooks, and tempting femme fatales. If you're a fan of crime movies, you're sure to be a fan of this book. There are three trades (Coward, Lawless, and The Dead and the Dying) out now and a fourth, Bad Night, will be released on/about January 28th...just a few short weeks away. Just like 100 Bullets, once you read the first one, you will be hooked!

SLEEPER is a little closer to INCOGNITO in that the characters have super powers. In fact, according to Brubaker, they've been plotting their new books since SLEEPER wrapped up, so you can be sure that their work on one influenced the other. SLEEPER was about a sleeper (natch) agent sent to infiltrate a major criminal operation (and that's an over simplification). What grabbed me so tightly was how seemless it fit into the WildStorm Universe and how tied to WILD CATS it was...but then again, how great it stood on it's own. Seek these books (four voumes) out. You will not be disappointed.

The only other artist that has a similar chemistry with Ed is MICHAEL LARK. For proof, check out:

GOTHAM CENTRAL (co-written by Greg Rucka)



INCOGNITO starts off with a hero doing what heroes do best; saving damsels in distress. But as you continue reading, you start to wonder, "Is this guy really the hero?" The answer is "yes" and "no." What strikes me about this book is how quickly you fall into the world. One of the hardest things about creating new comics is that everyone is immediately unfamiliar with the world you are creating. And I mean EVERYONE. The hardest trick is getting the reader on the ground floor, so that they feel as if they are growing with the character, and as a result, living in their world. It's just the first issue, but I'm already a part of this world. I recognize the buildings, I've worked with the protagonist...heck, I might have been him on a parallel world! It says a lot for the creators when they can shock you (and there is a jolt or two here) and yet make you feel as if you already know the characters (if not their stories).

The best feature of both CRIMINAL and INCOGNITO are the essays in the back. Pulp historian, Jess Nevins, weighs in on the Shadow in this issue and trust me, it's worth the extra .50 cents alone.

Back to my bold statement that started this post. We might never see an artist like Jack Kirby again. We may never get the Stan Lee of our youth. But for all their contributions to comics (Marvel or otherwise), the closest you can find today are Brubaker and Phillips. They might not reinvent the wheel, but they are giving us new and amazing comics and comic concepts, and that's just what Lee and Kirby did. And if you won't give me Lee and Kirby, then they are definitely the new Claremont and Byrne.

Take that!

-Vito Delsante

P.S. Buy Criminal volumes 1, 2, and 3 from JHU's online store! Volume 4 comes to Jim Hanley's Universe January 28!


Special Thanks to the Creators and Fans at Tonight's WHAT IF Signing

Friday, January 2, 2009

A special thanks to Karl Bollers, Patrick Spaziante, Jeff Powell, and Justin Gabrie for doing the What If? Secret Wars signing with us at the Manhattan store this evening. Everyone had a blast, and I'll have pictures from the signing up a little later.

Karl, "Spazz," Jeff P., and Justin were kind enough to sign some extra copies of the issue for us, so come on in and pick it up while we still have some left!




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