Damage To JHU New Dorp; Store OPEN!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday morning, we opened up our Staten Island store to the below sight. There was a truly significant amount of damage caused by this weekend's rainstorms, and we have lost many comics, books, games, figures and more due to the extreme water damage. However, Jim Hanley's Universe has the best staff of any store on the planet: As of 4:00pm Monday afternoon, our Staten Island Store is OPEN and selling product! We will be open on Tuesday, and we will have new comics Wednesday!

Here is the video of the initially discovered damage:

Needless to say, there is still a significant amount of cleanup to do, but the front of the New Dorp store is open and we are selling comics. As of 5:00pm, staff are hard at work organizing the sellable product, and inventorying the many shelf-fulls of damaged goods. Here is video of today's cleanup:

After news of the damage broke on Twitter (twitter.com/jhuniverse - Follow @JHUniverse) we have received an overwhelming amount of support and goodwill from customers, friends, creators and more... Thanks to everyone who spread the word and expressed their concern and support, especially Dan Slott & Heidi MacDonald!

We couldn't have had the lightening quick turnaround that we did without our regular group of Warhammer Gamers who generously volunteered their services in the cleanup: Rob V, Eric VW, Tom L, Schuyler D, Gino V, Josephine, Brian W, Dave C, and Cory C. A million thanks to these amazing and gracious gamers!

And of course none of it would be possible without our extraordinary staff: New Dorp Manager Aly; staff Lorraine, Steve, and Nickie Guts; and the Manhattan crew who came down to help. Amazing work all around!

As we said, we still have a lot to do, and we're not out of the woods yet - we have tens of thousands of dollars of lost product to replace, significant repairs to the facility to undertake, and the costs for supplies and staffing over the next week will be significant. We do need your support! Come on down to JHU New Dorp and buy some great comics, or come on down to our Manhattan Location (up and running as usual), every penny helps.  We won't be back to "normal" at JHU New Dorp for a couple of weeks yet, but we've made extraordinary strides already. After everything this company has been through in the last year and a half, a little bit of water won't keep us down.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/jhuniverse - Follow @JHUniverse) for frequent updates and information as it becomes available!

For 26 years, Jim Hanley's Universe has been New York City's premier comic store and gaming spot, and we're going to keep it that way!

Update 8/16! Check out the latest video from the cleanup here!



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