Free Comic Book Day Checklist for Saturday, May 5

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday, May 5 is Free Comic Book Day, and Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City has a ton planned! We're doing a signing with a bunch of great creators including Robert Venditti, ChrisCross, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Dan Slott and more, we're holding Magic: The Gathering Avacyn Restored launch parties at both locations, all plus a huge SALE we'll be announcing shortly!

But of course, the reason for the day, Free Comics! Here is this week's checklist of all the cool, FREE comics we will have at both JHU locations on Saturday, May 5 while supplies last! And this is just the official list - as always, Jim Hanley's Universe will be spontaneously giving away tons of free goodies as the day goes on. Stay tuned to the JHU Twitter (@JHUniverse) as we will be updating throughout the day!

Free Comic Book Day Checklist
Animal Planet Worlds Most Dangerous Animals
Arcana Presents Intrinsic
Atomic Robo + Friends
Bad Medicine
Bongo Free-for-all / SpongeBob Freestyle
Buffy / The Guild
Burt Ward Boy Wonder
Censored Howard Cruse
DC Comics the New 52 Special Ed
DC Nation Superman Family Flip Book
Diary of A Zombie Kid
Dinosaurs Versus Aliens
Dune Origins
Finding Gossamyr Stuff of Legend
Graphic Elvis Preview
Image 20
Infernal Devices Clockwork Angel
Jurassic Strikeforce 5
Lady Death the Beginning
Mega Man
Moomin Color Special
Mouse Guard, Labyrinth + More Hardcover
My Favorite Martian Special Edition
Overstreet Comic Book Marketplace
Peanuts / Adventure Time Flipbook
Rockhead + Zinc Alloy 2-for-none
Smurfs + Disney Fairies Featuring Tinker Bell
Sonic the Hedgehog
Spider-Man Season One
Star Wars /Serenity
Top Shelf Kids Club
Valiant Preview
Voltron Force Shelter From the Storm
Walt Disneys Donald Duck Family Comics
Witchblade Unbalanced Pieces
Yo Gabba Gabba Free Comic Book Time

And while you are here, don't forge that through Tuesday, May 8, members of our FREE Customer Rewards Program can Save 15% On ALL Graphic Novels and Trade Paperback & Hardcover Collections PLUS 50% Off ALL Back Issues! Click here for more!

All at Jim Hanley's Universe, New York City's Premier Comic Store and Gaming Spot for 27 years and counting, Where Art and Literature Meet!




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