The Best Comics of 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

The Best Comics of 2012
By Jeffrey O. Gustafson
For Jim Hanley's Universe, New York City

2012 has been a fantastic year for comics across the board, from independent to mainstream to online and beyond. In quality over quantity, this year finally saw the publication of Chris Ware's latest magnum opus, Brian K. Vaughan reminded the world that he's still one of the best scribes alive, and Alan Moore shook his fist and yelled for us to get off his lawn. Not enough can be said about the quality and quantity of the new creator-owned renaissance spear-headed by a dozen fantastic Image comics. IDW shined with their extraordinary production values on all kinds of unique projects, we saw the conclusion of Vertigo's last truly great series, and fiercely original creators like Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman and Brandon Graham had banner years. The works of folks like Garth Ennis, Meredith Gran, Jeff Smith, Matt Kindt, Gilbert Hernandez, Harvey Pekar, Carla Speed McNeil, Mike Mignola and so many more all reminded me why I love comics and why I've got the best job in the world.

So without further ado, here are the 12-ish best comics of 2012. 

Best Graphic Novel
Building Stories by Chris Ware (Pantheon)
Chris Ware's decade-plus in the making (second) masterwork is an experience and graphic novel unlike any other. A sprawling, fragmented box set of fourteen graphic novels, comic pamphlets, broadsheets and related ephemera from our greatest living cartoonist, Building Stories is a character piece entrenched in the way we remember and the language of comics-as-memory, how we build stories, and how stories build us. Non-linear, the plot, such as it is, has no beginning, middle, or end. The reader is given vignettes from the life of an unnamed central character, and a handful of supporting characters (including a building and a bee). This is something that cannot really be described so much as experienced, and Ware's extraordinary writing, illustrating, coloring, lettering and design make this undoubtedly a must-own for any library.

Best Ongoing Series
Saga by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples (Image)
The year's best-reviewed and certainly most eagerly anticipated new series, there seemed to be no doubt that Brian K. Vaughan's new open-ended ongoing sci-fi parable would be on pretty much every best-of list under the sun. And for good reason, too: Featuring eye-popping art from the year's breakout new superstar, Fiona Staples, Saga is easily accessible to new readers with its story about moon-crossed lovers set against a fiercely unique magical space opera backdrop. Vaughan is very well regarded for believing that comics are "the destination, not the blueprint," and this is certainly a work that revels in comics' budgetless visual and storytelling possibilities. Every issue is a giddy brainfeast: royal robots with television heads, interstellar bounty hunters, and enough family drama to put any tense Thanksgiving dinner to shame... it even has a snail-mail only letter column. There is simply nothing like this and I can't wait for the next however-many years of story to come. For quantity and quality, it's also the best value in the store - the first trade paperback collecting 150+ pages of story in the first six issues is just ten bucks. You've been hearing about this from everyone, now is the time to dive in, your future self will thank you.

Best Concluded Series (tie) 
Scalped by Jason Aaron & RM Guera (DC/Vertigo)
Punisher by Jason Aaron & Steve Dillon (Marvel MAX)
The best character drama being produced by anyone in any medium, in it's untidy heartbreaking conclusion Scalped has cemented itself in the pantheon of truly the finest comics ever produced. Comics' functional equivalent of television's The Wire, Jason Aaron and RM Guera's unparallelled undercover crime-noir masterpiece never ceased to thrill with astonishing plot-twists and beautiful, gritty art. Far from being sad about the series' conclusion, I'm thrilled by the prospect both of reading the complete story from scratch yet again and the opportunity to put this amazing work in new readers' hands. Start this now and you will get absorbed into a dark, breath-taking ride unlike any you have ever taken.

Also of special note is the conclusion of Jason Aaron & Steve Dillon's completely stunning Punisher MAX. The Punisher MAX run by Garth Ennis (now returning to form in Fury MAX) is simply the best Marvel comic of the previous decade - and the work of Aaron & Dillon lives up to it. Shocking, gripping, game-changing, Aaron & Dillon's Punisher MAX is a frankly brilliant chronicle of the end of Frank Castle's life while seamlessly interweaving realistic versions of standard Marvel Universe villains. This is Jason Aaron's best Marvel work in a career (and year) chock full of fantastic mainstream superhero writing, and simply the best work of Steve Dillon's storied career.

Best Limited Series
Adventure Time Presents Marceline and the Scream Queens by Meredith Gran (Boom!)
Starring the tragic/immortal Marceline The Vampire Queen as the frontwoman behind the rock outfit the Scream Queens, and Princess Bubblegum as their tour manager, the reader is easily disarmed by these characters from Pendleton Ward's extraordinary Cartoon Network television series Adventure Time. Expecting a paint-by-numbers story of a band on tour and the conflicts that inevitably arise, we get nothing short of a flawless character-based story exploring the pressures of stardom and the universality of the internal and external turmoil of self-doubt. From the start, amid the nuanced character work and the straightforward and uncomplicated analogies, Meredith Gran turns in a virtuosic artistic performance that treats the reader to astonishingly rendered set-pieces of unbridled rock inspiration, both the experience of performing and listening to rock music. A quadruple threat that is also the year's Best Surprise, Best Licensed Comic, and Best All-Ages Book, this mini-series is fun, funny, thoughtful, and simply, absolutely flawless.

Best New Ongoing Series that's not Saga
The Manhattan Projects by Jonathan Hickman & Nick Pitarra  (Image)
Jonathan Hickman has had one hell of a year over at Marvel between the conclusion of his epic Fantastic Four run and the beginning of his Avengers saga. But the best stuff from one of the best writers and designers in comics is still in the creator-owned realm, and of his three creator-owned series this year, The Manhattan Project takes the cake and explodes it. Utterly nuts in every positive possible way imaginable, The Manhattan Projects is an alternate history telling of the United States' secret black ops science program. It's wall-to-wall mad science with an evil multi-Oppenheimer, drunk Einstein, A.I. FDR, Russians, Nazis and aliens. I was initially cool on Pitarra's cartoony-Quitely style art, but as the series found its footing I couldn't imagine a better suited artist for the series nearly indescribable insanity. Volume One is out so give this a try if you haven't yet. And as with Saga, Image has put out a swell one-dollar reprint of the first issue.

Best Superhero Series
Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja with Javier Pulido (Marvel)
Only incidentally a superhero book, Fraction and Aja's Hawkeye is a hurricane of fresh air in a sometimes moribund genre. Hawkeye is about a guy, a costumeless, powerless Clint Barton, and what he does on his day off in Brooklyn, and the folks who live in his apartment building, and a girl who stole is name, and a bunch of gangsters, and his dog, and arrows, and, like, stuff. David Aja's art is stylish and just plain perfect, also inspiring the best stuff of his career from Javier Pulido on the alternating arcs. Every issue makes me want to jump up and down and thank comics and Marvel and New York City for all existing. The first trade comes out in March, but you can easily dive in with any issue - Hawkeye features largely self-contained one-ish-shot stories, a rare treat (and lost art) in mainstream comics.

Best Anthology
Dark Horse Presents 
It is the conceit of every anthology that it will contain material that can be hit-or-miss. That just comes down to variety and the vagaries of personal taste, and sometimes you get mostly miss (like this year's dreadful Kramer's Ergot). But Dark Horse's venerable anthology managed to hit more than it missed, with definite standouts that on their own would belong on this best-of list: David Chelsea intreagued me with The Girl With The Keyhole Eyes and Carla Speed McNeil blew me away with Finder: The Third World - indeed, everyone should get McNeil's astounding Finder Library tomes from Dark Horse, massive collections of her extraordinary science fiction work. Dark Horse Presents had so many great short-stories, serials and introductory salvos for longer series from so many great creators - Kelly Sue DeConnick, Phil Noto, Geoff Darrow, Richard Corben, Michael Avon Oeming, Steve Rude, Francesco Francavilla, Dean Motter, Harlan Ellison and so many more. At eight bucks a month for 80-100 pages of creator-owned goodness with some licensed goodness thrown in is one hell of a bang for your comic buying buck.

Best Non-Fiction Work
Cleveland by Harvey Pekar with Joseph Remnant (Top Shelf)
For non-fiction works in 2012 there were major disappointments: Guy Delisle's dull Jerusalem and Alison Bechdel's frankly insufferable Are You My Mother failed to meet expectations of their previous works. Who else but the inimitable Harvey Pekar to save the day. One of his final works is also one of his best. A bittersweet love letter to a town falling on hard times and a capstone to the autobiographies of one of comics most important creators, Harvey Pekar's Cleveland is a short but important work about the history, soul, and character of one of America's struggling former metropolises, and one man's unique journey through the history and the city he loves. Featuring fine art by Joseph Remnant, it is a vital social document and a masterful piece of graphic history.

Best Occasionally Published Series (tie)
Pope Hats by Ethan Rilly (AdHouse)
Casanova by Matt Fraction & Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba (Marvel/Icon)
Sometimes comics take a bloody long time to come out, or feature long delays between arcs, but when you get to them the quality far outweighs whatever delay you have to put up with. First, seeing one issue maybe once a year or so, is Ethan Rilly's utterly wonderful Pope Hats, a straightforward story of a law clerk in a not-so-straightforward law firm and her freewheeling actress roommate. Rilly's art is clean and fresh, his story oddly riveting. I look forward to each new chapter as much as the similar but far more complex Ganges from Kevin Huizenga.

Second, 2011 finally saw the triumphant return of Fraction, Moon & Ba's interdimensional superspy epic Casanova, first in full color reprints, then an astonishing, dark new mini Avaritia. Casanova is still consistently Matt Fraction's best work, deeply personal, dense, sexy, trippy. We should be seeing the fourth volume in 2013... or not, who knows. Just get the first three and reread those a few times, you'll find something new each time.

Creator of the Year
Brandon Graham
For Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity, King City, and Prophet (Image)
Brandon Graham is working at Kirby-levels of sheer creativity, perfectly encapsulated in his new Multiple Warheads. A truly unique art style and hypercreative sci-fi storytelling, a perfect synthesis of clever art and language, it often feels like the page can barely contain what his brain is giving the universe. It's comics like this for which comics exist. And this is just a drop in the creative ocean that is Brandon Graham. 2012 saw the release of his stupendous Tokyopop to Image mega-series King City in a gorgeous twenty dollar package. In twelve issues of black and white awesome, in a narrative slightly more cohesive than Multiple Warheads, Graham shows how much fun you can have reading - and I imagine, for him, writing and illustrating - COMICS. And then there's Prophet, created by Graham with Simon Roy, Farel Dalrymple & Giannis Milogiannis, based on, of all things, a Rob Liefeld property. Thankfully having nothing to do with Liefeld in style or story, Prophet is innovative, stylish (in its own sense) science fiction that is a lesson (along with books like Hawkeye) to publishers that simply allowing creators to take the reins and run unrestricted is the formula for quality and originality missing in so many properties. Less editorial, more creatorial. 2012 is the year of Brandon Graham and creators like him, who, thankfully for comics, are starting to come out of the woodwork.

20 Honorable Mentions for 2012, in alphabetical order: Batman by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo, Chew by John Layman & Rob Guillory, Fantastic Four/FF written by Jonathan Hickman, Fatale by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips, Fury MAX by Garth Ennis & Goran Parlov, G0dland by Joe Casey & Tom Scioli, Goliath by Tom Gauld, Hellboy by Mike Mignola, The Hive by Charles Burns, The Invincible Iron Man by Matt Fraction & Salvador Larroca, Journey Into Mystery written by Kieron Gillen, Love & Rockets New Stories by Los Bros Hernandez, MIND MGMT by Matt Kindt, RASL by Jeff Smith, Richard Stark's Parker: The Score by Darwyn Cooke, The Twelve by J. Michael Straczynski & Chris Weston, the Ultimate Spider-Man comics of Brian Michael Bendis and Sarah Pichelli and David Marquez, Unwritten by Mike Carey & Peter Gross, X-Factor written by Peter David, xkcd by Randall Monroe.

Jeffrey O. Gustafson is the founder and editor of the Jim Hanley's Universe Blog and a Manager for the Jim Hanley's Universe retail chain. This is the 1000th post to the JHU Blog, and he's done a couple of these best-of lists in the past, in 2008 and 2009. As with all the reviews on JHU Online, the opinions expressed are solely those of the author, but you should totally listen to them because he know what he's talking about. Check out Jeff's blog at



The Weekly Checklist: New Comics and More for January 2, 2013

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ahoy! Here are the NEW comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City Wednesday, January 2, 2013.

JHU Members can get exclusive discounts on the following new books through Tuesday, January 8:
New Avengers 1 - SRP: $3.99, JHU PRICE: $3.60
All New X-Men 5 - SRP: $3.99 JHU PRICE: $3.60
Fatale 11 - SRP: $3.50 JHU PRICE: $2.99
Fatale TPB 2 - SRP: $14.99 JHU PRICE: $12.75
PLUS All Fatale, Criminal and Incognito books are 15% OFF!

More Items of the Week! Here are some more cool comics we think you should get:
Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake 1
Daredevil: End of Days 4
Fury: Max 8
Hellboy: In Hell 2
Invincible 99
Killer: Leather Bound Edition HC 1
Manhattan Projects 8
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 2
Prophet 32
Punk Rock Jesus 6
Spider-Man: Ultimate Comics 19
Tezuka Message to Adolf: GN: 2

Now online: The JHU Best Comics of 2012!

The FULL Checklist can be seen after the jump, or click "Read more..." below! Click here to see the visual checklist for January 2!

Kid Approved
Adventure Time with Fionna + Cake 1
Archie's Double Digest 236
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 1.2
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 2
Simpsons Super Spectacular 16
Simpsons: Bart Simpson's Comics 78
Superman: Family Adventures 8

Dark Horse Comics
47 Ronin 2
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow Wonderland 3
Colder 3
Grendel:TPB: Omnibus 2-Legacy
Hellboy: In Hell 2
Star Wars: Purge: Tyrants Fist 2

DC Comics
All Star Western (2) 15
American Vampire 34
Batman Beyond: Unlimited 11
Batman Incorporated:TPB:
Batman: Incorporated (2) 6
Batman: Incorporated (2) Combo Pack 6
Batman: The Dark Knight (2) 15
Firestorm (4): Fury of Firestorm 15
Flash (4) 15
Green Lantern Corps (3) 15
Green Lantern:THC: 2- Revenge of the Black Hand
Green Lantern:TPB: 1-Sinestro
Grren Arrow: Arrow 2
Hard Time:TPB: 2- Sixteen
Hawkman (4): Savage Hawkman 15
I Vampire 15
Joe Kubert Presents 3
Justice League Dark 15
Justice League International (6):TPB: 2- Breakdown
Lot 13 3
Punk Rock Jesus 6
Red Lanterns 15
Superman (3) 15
Talon 3
Teen Titans (9) 15

Image Comics
Blackacre 1.2
Blackacre 2
Darkness 109
Fatale 11
Fatale:TPB: 2- Devils Business
Glory 31
Great Pacific 2.2
Great Pacific 3
Harvest 5
I Love Trouble 1.2
I Love Trouble 2
Invincible 99
Manhattan Projects 8
Nowhere Men 1.2
Prophet 32
Youngblood 75

Marvel Comics
Avengers: New Avengers (3) 1
Daredevil: End of Days 4
Dark Tower:THC: Gunslinger Prem Man In Black Prem
Fury: Max 8
Hulk: Red She-Hulk 61
Iron Man (5) 5
Iron Man 3: Prelude 1
Monsters Inc 2
Morbius: Living Vampire 1
Nova:TPB: Classic 1-
Oz: Road to Oz 4
Punisher: Nightmare 1
Spider-Man: Ultimate Comics (2) 19
Stand:TPB: 5- No Mans Land
Venom (3) 29
X-Men: All New 5

Other Comics
Bettie Page: In Danger 6
Blake and Mortimer:GN: 7-Affair of the Necklace
Castle Waiting:GN: 1-
Damsels 1.2
Damsels 4
Danger Girl/GI Joe 5
Dick Tracy:THC: 14-Complete Chester Goulds Dick Tracy
Donarr Unyielding:TPB:
Dungeons + Dragons:THC: Forgotten Realms 1-
Fathom (4) 8
Flash Gordon Library:THC: 2-Tyrant Of Mongo
Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist 8
Fly (2) 3
Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue 5
GI Joe: Cobra (3) 20
Glitter Kiss:GN:
Godzilla: Half Century War 4
Gold Digger 145
Grimm Fairy Tales: Sleepy Hollow 3
Grimm Universe: Red Riding Hood 2
Hack/Slash:TPB: 11- Marry F*ck Kill
Hero Worship 6
Hypernaturals 7
Jennifer Blood 20
Jim Balent Art Book: Trio
Killer:THC: 1- Leather Bound Edition
Knights of the Dinner Table 193
Lucky Luke:GN: 19 on the Daltons Trail
Lucky Luke:GN: 20 Oklahoma Land Rush
Mars Attacks: Popeye (One Shot) 1
Night O/t Living Dead Aftermath 3
Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 5
Problematic:HC: Woodring Sketchbook
Red Sonja: Queen Sonja 33
Rocky Horror Picture Show:TPB:
Spooks:GN: 1- Fall of Baby Babylon
Star Trek: Ongoing 16
Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose:TPB: 1-
Thunda 5
Transformers: Prime Rage of the Dinobots 2
Transformers: Robots In Disguise (Ongoing):TPB: 2
Transformers:TPB: Prime: Season 2: 1-
Vampirella Strikes 1
Vampirella:TPB: 3- Throne of Skulls
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris 20
Woodwork Wallace Wood 1927-1981:HC
XIII:GN: 5- Full Red (Cinebook Edition)
XIII:GN: 6- Jason Fly Case (Cinebook Edition)
XIII:GN: 7- Night of August Third (Cinebook Edition)

Bleach:GN: 54
Cage of Eden:GN: 8
Dengeki Daisy:GN: 11
Dogs:GN: 7
Heart of Thomas:HGN:
Heroman:GN: 2
Hunter X Hunter:GN: 29
Jiu Jiu:GN: 3
Maximum Ride:GN: 6
Mr. Strong.GN: Good Thing I Came Along
Psyren:GN: 8
Read Or Die:SC: Official Archive
Strobe Edge:GN: 2
Tezuka Book of Human Insects:TPB:
Tezuka Message to Adolf:GN: 2
Ultimo:GN: 8
Winx Club:GN: 5

Cinefex:Mag: 132
Diabolique:Mag: 13
Girls And Corpses Magazine Winter 2012 17
Marvel Previews: January 2013 113
Previews 292: January 2013 1685
Video Watchdog:Mag: 172

Other Cool Stuff
Toon Tumblers:Glass: Thor Clear Pint Glass
Walking Dead: Silicone Ice Cube Tray
Walking Dead:T-Shirt: Kill Them All Black S - XXL

DC Coll Mag:Chess: Special 2-Bat Signal 2
Marvel Select:AF: Hulk: Barbarian Hulk Action Figure Case
Walking Dead Minimates Series 2 Asst



Visual Checklist for Wednesday, January 2, 2012

Visual Checklist for Wednesday, January 2, 2012

Each weekend, we will put up a visual checklist of all the cool items coming to Jim Hanley's Universe this Wednesday!

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SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN Launch Party and Signing with Dan Slott Wednesday, January 9!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Superstar writer Dan Slott signing Superior Spider-Man at JHU in NYC Wednesday, January 9 beginning at 6:00pm!

It is our great honor to announce that on Wednesday, January 9th superstar creator and one of the coolest people alive, Dan Slott will be joining us to launch the flagship title that signals the dawn of a new era of Spider-Man adventures!

Dan will be joining us beginning at 6:00pm on January 9th to celebrate the release of Superior Spider-Man #1, signing copies of the book and meeting fans both longtime and new alike! Because of the extraordinary demand this signing will surely have, to allow everyone to get something signed there is a limit of 5 books per customer per turn on line.

So come on down and get a copy of the first issue of Superior Spider-Man signed by Dan Slott, EXCLUSIVELY at Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City, where Fans and Creators meet!


Note: There is a limit of one per customer on Superior Spider-Man #1.


The Weekly Checklist and Items of the Week for Wednesday, December 26!

Ahoy! Here are the NEW comics, graphic novels and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City Wednesday, December 26, 2012.

Eerie Presents:THC: El Cid
Star Wars:TPB: Omnibus: Clone Wars 3-Republic Falls

Aquaman (7) 15
Before Watchmen: Nite Owl 4
Before Watchmen: Nite Owl 4 (Combo Pack)
Justice League (5) 15
Justice League (5) 15 (Combo Pack)

Hip Flask: Ourborous
Mara 1

Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 700
Spider-Man: Avenging Spider-Man 15.1

Crossed: Badlands 20
Deathmatch (2) 1
Shadow: Special 1

JHU Members can get exclusive discounts on the following new books through Tues, January 1:
Amazing Spider-Man 700 SRP: $7.99 JHU Price: $7.20
Justice League SRP:$3.99 JHU Price:$3.60

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Gaming at Jim Hanley's Universe - Updated Schedule for Winter 2013!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our website has moved: CLICK HERE to Visit JHU Comic Books Online! 

Jim Hanley's Universe has been New York's Premier Comic Book Store for more than 25 years, and is now New York's Premier Gaming Spot - now featuring fully sanctioned Magic: The Gathering tournaments in multiple formats, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and more at both JHU locations! 

Magic the Gathering Draft tourneys at our Manhattan Location are $16 to enter - you get 3 booster packs on top of your entry into the hottest Magic tourneys anywhere in New York City. Standard Constructed tourneys cost $10 - you bring your own deck, with permitted expansions being Innistrad, Dark Ascension, Avacyn Restored, Magic Core Set 2013, Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash (coming soon). Running low? JHU Carries a large selection of booster packs and intro packs from all the latest expansions. As always, all Magic: the Gathering tournaments at both our locations are fully sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast!

Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Magic: The Gathering tournaments at JHU New Dorp cost just $5 to enter!

Below is the full rundown of all organized, sanctioned gaming tournaments at JHU!


Yu-Gi-Oh! - 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Magic: The Gathering Standard Constructed – 5:00pm to 8:15pm

Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! - 1:00pm to 4:00 pm
Magic: The Gathering Standard Constructed – 4:30pm to 8:00pm


EVERY FRIDAY at JHU in Manhattan
Magic: The Gathering Drafts 6:30pm to 1:00pm

Stay tuned to this website and the JHU Twitter feed (@JHUniverse) for further game day announcements from Jim Hanley's Universe and the JHU Underground - your home for all things gaming in Manhattan!




Buy One Get One Half Off on All Graphic Novels Wednesday, December 26 through Saturday, December 29!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wednesday, December 26 through Saturday, December 29, JHU Members can Buy One Graphic Novel, Get One of equal or lesser value for Half Off!

Yup, through Saturday buy one graphic novel, manga, trade paperback or hardcover collection at full price, get another of equal or lesser value for 50% Off! Exclusively for JHU Members at both Jim Hanley's Universe Locations in New York City, Where Art and Literature Meet!


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New Year's Hours at JHU in NYC

Happy New Year's Everyone!

Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City will be open New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Both JHU Locations in NYC will be OPEN normal hours New Year's Eve, Monday, December 31.

On New Year's Day, Tuesday, January 1, JHU in Manhattan will be OPEN from Noon to 9:00pm.

On New Year's Day, Tuesday, January 1, JHU in New Dorp, Staten Island will be OPEN Noon to 6:00pm.

Both JHU Locations will be OPEN normal hours Wednesday, January 2 with NEW COMICS!



JHU Special Offers for Wednesday, December 19 through December 24!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wednesday, December 19 through Monday, December 24, JHU Members get the following new books at these great prices!


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The Weekly Checklist: New Comics and More for December 19, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ahoy! Here are the NEW comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City Wednesday, December 19, 2012.

JHU Members can get exclusive discounts on the following new books through Monday, December 24:
All New X-Men 4
Green Lantern 15
Avengers 2
Saga 8
Captain America 2
Indestructible Hulk 2
Nightwing 15
A + X 3
Click here for more!

More Items of the Week! Here are some more cool comics we think you should get:
Avengers: Arena 2
Batwoman 15
Before Watchmen: Moloch 2
BPRD: Hell on Earth: Return of the Master 5
Chew Volume 6: Space Cakes
Dark Horse Presents 19
Delphine HC
Fables 124
Fantastic Four: FF 2
Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman HC 6
Happy 3
Hawkeye 6
Incal: Before the Incal Classic Collection
Iron Man HC 11: The Future
Judge Dredd 2
Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity 3
Thor: God of Thunder 3
Ultimate Spider-Man 18
Uncanny X-Force 35
Unwritten 44
Wolverine and the X-Men 22
X-Factor 249

The FULL Checklist can be seen after the jump, or click "Read more..." below! Click here to see the visual checklist for December 19!

Kid Approved
Archie: Betty + Veronica Double Digest 208
Archie: Betty and Veronica 263
Archie: Sonic Universe 47
Archie:TPB: 1-Best of Dan DeCarlo
Bravest Warriors 3
Simpsons Comics 197
Simpsons Comics:TPB: 1.N-Extravaganza (New Print)
Simpsons:TPB: 1-Big Book of Bart Simpson
Sonic:TPB: 1-Best of Sonic the Hedgehog
Strawberry Shortcake:GN: Field Day + Other Stories Digest
Super Dinosaur 16

Dark Horse Comics
Black Beetle: Night Shift 0
BPRD: 1948: 3
BPRD: Hell on Earth: Return of the Master 5
Buffy: Angel + Faith 17
Dark Horse Presents 19
Darkstalkers:THC: (2) 1-Deaths Door
Empowered: Special 3: 10 Questions for Maidman
Ghost:TPB: Omnibus 3
Number 13: 1
Orchid:TPB: 2
RIPD: City Of the Damned 2
Rotten Apple: One-Shot
Star Wars: Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets 3
Star Wars: Dawn Of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan 2
Victories 5

DC Comics
Batgirl (4) 14.2
Batman: Birds of Prey (7) 15
Batman: Catwoman (4) 15
Batwoman (2) 15
Before Watchmen: Moloch (Combo Pack) 2
Before Watchmen: Moloch 2 2
Blue Beetle (4) 15
DC Universe Presents 15
Django Unchained 1
Fables 124
Green Lantern (5) 15
Green Lantern (5) (Combo Pack) 15
Green Lantern: New Guardians 15
He-Man And the Masters of the Universe 5
Hellblazer 298
JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull 1
Legion of Super-Heroes (7) 15
Nightwing (3) 15
Red Hood and the Outlaws 15
Suicide Squad (3) 14.2
Supergirl (6) 15
Sword of Sorcery 3
Unwritten 44
Wonder Woman (4) 15
Young Justice 23

Image Comics
Americas Got Powers 4
Carbon Grey (2) 2
Chew:TPB: 6-Space Cakes
Comeback 2
Happy 3
Haunt 28
MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet 3
Multiple Warheads Alphabet to Infinity 3
Nowhere Men 2
Saga 8
Supreme 67
Thief of Thieves 11
Walking Dead:THC: Omnibus (Signed + Numbered Edition) 4
Where Is Jake Ellis 2
Witch Doctor: Malpractice 2
Witchblade 162

Marvel Comics
A Plus X 3
Avengers (5) 2
Avengers: Arena 2
Avengers: Secret Avengers 35
Avengers: Ultimate Comics: Ultimates 19
Avengers:THC: Bendis: V4:
Avengers:TPB: Mythos
Captain America (6) 2
Captain America and ... (5) 640
Captain Marvel (6) 8
Captain Marvel:TPB: 1-In Pursuit of Flight
Castle: A Calm Before Storm 1
Daredevil (3) 21
Fantastic Four: FF (2) 2
Fantastic Four:THC: By Jonathan Hickman 6
Fantastic Four:TPB: By Jonathan Hickman 3
Gambit 7
Halo:TPB: Fall of Reach: Invasion
Hawkeye 6
Hulk: Incredible Hulk:THC: By Jason Aaron 2
Hulk: Indestructible Hulk 2
Iron Man:THC: Invincible 11-Future
Iron Man:TPB: Invincible: 9-Demon
Marvel Masterworks:TPB: X-Men 5
Spider-Man: Scarlet Spider 12.1
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 698.2
Spider-Man: Ultimate Comics (2) 18
Spider-Man:TPB: Trouble on the Horizon
Thor (3): Journey Into Mystery 647
Thor: God of Thunder 3
Thunderbolts (2) 2
Venom (3) 28
Wolverine and the X-Men 22
Wolverine And the X-Men:THC: By Jason Aaron Prem 4
Wolverine:TPB: Back In Japan
X-Factor (3) 249
X-Force: Uncanny X-Force 35
X-Man:TPB: Dance with Devil
X-Men: All New 4
X-Men: Cable And X-Force 2
X-Men: Legacy (2):TPB: Back to School
X-Men: Legacy (3) 3
X-Men: The Astonishing X-Men (3) 57
X-Men: X-Treme 8

Other Cool Comics
Airboy Deadeye 5
Alliance of the Curious:THC:
Bionic Woman 6
Broken Pieces 5
Buck RogersTHC: 7-In 25th Century Dailies
Commander X: All Star Special
Critter (Ongoing) 7
Cursed Pirate Girl:THC: 1
Dark Shadows 11
Doc Savage:PB: Double Novel 63
Don't Go Where I Can't Follow:HGN:
DPD Doktormentor Jail Babe Surgeon 9
Evil Ernie 3
Executive Assistant: Assassins 6
Executive Assistant: Iris (3) 1
Funky Winkerbean:THC: 1-Complete 1972-1974
GI Joe (9) 20
GI Joe: Snake Eyes 20
Godstorm 3
Golden Age Greats:TPB: Spotlight: Superheroes + Others 11
Green Hornet 32
Grimm Fairy Tales 80
Grimm Fairy Tales: Wonderland 6
Harbinger (Ongoing) 7
Hellraiser: Road Below 3
Idolized 4
Incal:THC: Before the Incal Classic Collection
Iron or the War After:HGN:
Joe Palooka 1
Judge Dredd (4) 2
Judge Dredd Megazine 330
Judge Dredd:THC: Complete Brian Bolland
Judge Dredd:TPB: Garth Ennis Collection
Killogy 2
Lady Death (Ongoing) 24.W
Lisa's Story Other Shoe:GN:
Lisa's Story Other Shoe:HGN:
Locke + Key (6) Omega 2
Mars Attacks 6
Masks 2
Nipper:TPB: 3-1967-1968
Okko:THC: 1-Cycle of Water (New Print)
Pantha 5
Phantom:THC: Complete Series: 2-Gold Key Years
Popeye: Classic (Ongoing) 5
Rachel Rising 13
Robyn Hood 4
Sharaz De:HGN:
Sixth Gun 27
Slipstream Special (One Shot)
Star Trek 100 Page Spectacular Winter 2012
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Hive 3
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who Assimilation 8
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:TPB: Classics 3
The Spider 7
Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (Ongoing) 12
Transfusion 2
True Blood:THC: Ongoing 1
Vampirella (7) 25
Weird Horrors + Daring Adv:THC: -1Joe Kubert Archives
X-O Manowar (Ongoing) 8

Arata the Legend:GN: 12
Dorohedoro:GN: 8
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan:GN: 12
Oh My Goddess:GN: RTL: 43
Paradise Kiss:TPB: 2-Vertical Inc Edition
Sakura Hime:GN: Legend of Princess Sakura 9
Tenjo Tenge:GN: 10
Vagabond:GN: Vizbig Edition 11

Cool Books
Art of Darksiders:SC: 2
Phantom Detective:PB: Double Novel 1
Shadow:PB: Double Novel 67
Sparrow:HC: Ashley Wood Box Set
Top 100 Fantasy Movies:SC:

Comic Shop News 1331
Comic Shop News 1332
Doctor Who:Mag: 454
Juxtapoz:Mag: 144
Mad Magazine 519
SFX:Mag: 229
Walking Dead Magazine 2

Walking Dead:TS: Kill Them All Black S-XXL

Batman:DVD: The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1

Dc Heroclix:CMG: Batman Streets of Gotham 36 Ct Display
DC Heroclix:CMG: Batman Streets of Gotham Fast Forces 6pk
DC Heroclix:CMG: Batman Streets of Gotham Marquee Pack 10ct

Spider-Man:STA: Black Costume Museum Pose
Spider-Man:STA: Red Museum

Batman:AF: Dark Knight Returns: Action Figure Box Set
Justice League:AF: Flash Action Figure
Marvel Universe:AF: Asst 201204



Visual Checklist for Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Visual Checklist for Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Each weekend, we will put up a visual checklist of all the cool items coming to Jim Hanley's Universe this Wednesday!

To see the NEW visual checklist for Wednesday, December 19, Click Here or click "Read more..." below! To see the text checklist for December 19, click here!


JHU Special Offers for Wednesday, December 12 through December 18!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wednesday, December 12 through Tuesday, December 18, JHU Members get the following new books at these great prices!


Must be a Member of Jim Hanley's Universe to receive discount. Sale price does not apply to variant covers. Can not be combined with other offers. Some restrictions may apply. 


The Weekly Checklist: New Comics and More for December 12, 2012

Ahoy! Here are the NEW comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

JHU Members can get exclusive discounts on the following new books through Tuesday, December 18:
Amazing Spider-Man 699.1
Cable + X-Force 1
Batman 15
Batman and Robin 15
Batgirl 15
Green Lantern Corps 15
Walking Dead 105
Walking Dead HC Omnibus 4
Click here for details!

More Items of the Week! Here are some more cool comics we think you should get:
Activity 10
Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens 6
Archer + Armstrong 5
Avengers Assemble 10
Avengers: Arena 1
Battle Angel Alita: Last Order 16
Fantastic Four 2
Multiple Warheads Alphabet to Infinity (Second Print) 1
Revival Vol 1: You're Among Friends
Rocketeer: Adventures HC 2
Winter Soldier 13

The FULL Checklist can be seen after the jump, or click "Read more..." below! Click here to see the visual checklist for December 12!


Adv Of Dr McNinja:TPB: 2-Timefist  

Christopher Hastings

Billy Kids Oddities + Orm Loch Ness 3  
Eric Powell + Kyle Hotz

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer: (3) Season 9 Freefall 16  
Andrew Chambliss + Dexter Vines

Conan (7): The Barbarian 11  
Brian Wood + Declan Shalvey

Creep 4  
John Arcudi + Jonathan Case

Criminal Macabre/30 Days of Night: Final Night 1  
Steve Niles + Christopher Mitten

Ex Sanguine 3  Tim Seeley
Grandville:HGN: Bete Noire  
Bryan Talbot

Grendel:TPB: Omnibus 2-Legacy  
Matt Wagner

Massive 7  
Brian Wood + Garry Brown

Orchid 11  
Tom Morello + Scott Hepburn

Star Wars Dawn Of the Jedi:TPB: 1-Force Storm   
John Ostrander + Jan Duursema

Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith 5  
John Jackson Miller + Andrea Mutti

Tarzan:THC: Russ Manning Years 1  
Gaylord DuBois + Russ Manning

The Strain 9  
David Lapham + Mike Huddleston

To Hell You Ride 1  
Lance Henriksen + Tom Mandrake


Ame Comi Girls: Featuring Duela Dent 3  
Justin Gray + Ted Naifeh

Batgirl (4) 15  
Gail Simone + Ed Benes

Batman (2) 15  
Scott Snyder + Greg Capullo

Batman And Robin [2] 15  
Peter J. Tomasi + Patrick Gleason

Batman: Arkham Unhinged 9  
Derek Fridolfs + Peter Nguyen

Batman: Dark Knight (2) 14  
Gregg Hurwitz + David Finch

Before Watchmen: Dr Manhattan 3  
J. Michael Straczynski + Adam Hughes

Before Watchmen: Rorschach 3  
Brian Azzarello + Lee Bermejo

DC Comics:THC: New 52 Zero Omnibus  

Deadman:TPB: 3  
Arnold Drake + Mike Grell

Deathstroke 15  
Justin Jordan + Scott Clark

Demon Knights 15  
Paul Cornell + Bernard Chang

Dominique Laveau:TPB: Voodoo Child 1  
Selwyn Sefu Hinds + Denys Cowan

Frankenstein: Agent of Shade 15  
Matt Kindt + Alberto Ponticelli

Green Lantern Corps (3) 15  
Peter J. Tomasi + Fernando Pasarin

Green Lantern: The Animated Series 9   Art Baltazar + Dario Brizuela
Grifter 15   Frank Tieri + David Beatty
Justice League of America:TPB: Omega   
James Robinson + Mark Bagley

Kamandi:THC: Omnibus 2-Last Boy on Earth 2   Jack Kirby
Legion Lost 15  
Tom Defalco + Pete Woods

Ravagers 7  
Howard Mackie + Ian Churchill

Saucer Country 10   
Paul Cornell + Ryan Kelly

Suicide Squad (3) 15  
Adam Glass + Fernando Dagnino

Superboy (5) 15   
Tom DeFalco + R. B. Silva

Team 7 3  
Justin Jordan + Jesus Merino


Activity 10   
Nathan Edmondson + Mitch Gerads

Age of Bronze 32  
Eric Shanower

Artifacts 23  
Ron Marz + Stjepan Sejic

Body Bags:TPB: 2  
Jason Pearson

Change 1  
Alex Kot + Morgan Jeske

Clone 2  
David Schulner + Juan Jose Ryp

Couriers:TPB: Complete Collection  
Brian Wood + Rob G.

Elephantmen:TPB: 5-Devilish Functions  
Richard Starkings + Axel Medellin

Hack/Slash Ongoing 21  
Tim Seeley + Elena Casagrande

Image Firsts: Chew 1  
John Layman + Rob Guillory

Image Firsts: Fatale 1  
Ed Brubaker + Sean Phillips

Image Firsts: Manhattan Projects 1  
Jonathan Hickman + Nick Pitarra

Image Firsts: Revival 1   
Tim Seeley + Mike Norton

Image Firsts: Saga 1  
Brian K. Vaughan + Fiona Staples

Image Firsts: Thief of Thieves 1  
Robert Kirkman/Nick Spencer + Shawn Martinbrough

Image Firsts: Walking Dead 1  
Robert Kirkman + Charlie Adlard

It Girl + the Atomics 5  
Jamie S. Rich + Mike Norton

Multiple Warheads Alphabet to Infinity 1.2
(Second Print)   

Brandon Graham

Nancy In Hell on Earth:TPB:  
El Torres + Enrique Lorenzana

Perhapanauts:TPB: 2-Treasure Obscura  
Todd Degazo + Craig Rousseau

Point of Impact 3   Jay Faerber + Koray Kuranel
Revival:TPB: 1-You're Among Friends   Tim Seeley + Mike Norton
Star Bright and the Looking Glass:HGN:  
Jonathan Luna

Walking Dead (2) 105  
Robert Kirkman + Charlie Adlard

Walking Dead:THC: Omnibus 4  
Robert Kirkman + Charlie Adlard


Age of Apocalypse 10   
David Lapham + Roberto De La Torre

Avengers Assemble 10   
Kelly Sue Deconnick + Stefano Caselli

Avengers: Arena 1  
Dennis Hopeless + Kev Walker

Avengers:TPB: New: 2: 3-By Brian Michael Bendis   
Brian Michael Bendis + Various

Cable And X-Force 1  
Dennis Hopeless + Salvador Larroca

Captain America:TPB: By Brubaker 2  
Ed Brubaker + Alan Davis

Carnage: USA:TPB:  
Zeb Wells + Clayton Crain

Daredevil:TPB: By Mark Waid 2   
Mark Waid + Paolo Rivera

Dark Avengers 184  
Jeff Parker + Neil Edwards

Fantastic Four (4) 2  
Matt Fraction + Mark Bagley

Hawkeye 4  
Matt Fraction + David Aja

Hulk: Incredible Hulk:TPB: By Jason Aaron 1   
Jason Aaron + Various

Iron Man (5) 4  
Kieron Gillen + Greg Land

Iron Man: Ultimate Comics 3  
Nathan Edmondson + Matteo Buffagni

Marvel Masterworks:THC: Golden Age Captain America 6   
Various + Syd Shores

Marvel Universe Vs. Avengers 3  
Jonathan Maberry + Leandro Fernandez

Monsters Inc 1  

Spider-Man: Scarlet Spider 12  
Christopher Yost + Khoi Pham

Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 699.1  
Dan Slott + Richard Elson

Spider-Man: Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures 9  
Joe Caramagna + Nuno Plati

Spider-Man:THC: Danger Zone Prem   Various
Thor (3): Journey Into Mystery:TPB: 4-Manchester Gods   
Kieron Gillen + Richard Elson

Winter Soldier 13  
Ed Brubaker + Butch Guice

Wolverine (4) 317  
Chris Bunner + Paul Pelletier

X-Factor:TPB: Essential 5  

X-Men: All New 2  
Brian Michael Bendis + Stuart Immonen

X-Men: Deadpool:THC: Dead  
Daniel Way + Various

X-Men: Ultimate Comics 20  
Brian Wood + Paco Medina

X-Men: X-Treme 7.1  
Greg Pak + Stephen Segovia


30 Days of Night: Ongoing 12  
Steve Niles + Christopher Mitten

Adventure Time: Cover Showcase  
(One Shot)  

Adventure Time: Marceline + the Scream Queens 6  
Meredith Gran

Archer + Armstrong 5  
Van Fred Lente + Emanuela Lupacchino

Army of Darkness (2) 7  
Elliot Serrano + Dietrich Smith

Atomic Robo:TPB: Real Science Adventures  
Brian Clevinger + John Broglia

Battlefields: Green Fields Beyond 2  
Garth Ennis + Carlos Ezquerra

Big Book of Mischief:GN: (Knockabout)  
Krent Able

Bloodshot (Ongoing) 6  
Duane Swierczynski + Manuel Garcia

Borderlands: Origins 2  
Mike Neumann + Agustin Padilla

Caligula: Heart of Rome 1   
David Lapham + German Nobile

Captain Commando:GN: 2  
Kenkou Tabuchi + Kotomi Tobashi

Chosen 3  
Chuck Dixon + Edison George

Courtney Crumrin (Ongoing) 8  
Ted Naifeh

Chris Do Wyatt + Bill Rude

Crossed: Badlands 19  
Si Spurrier + Raulo Caceres

Crow: Skinning the Wolves 1  
James O'barr

Dames in the Atomic Age:GN: 1  
Christopher Ryder + Marc Sandroni

Dan the Unharmable 8   
David Lapham + Rafael Ortiz

Extermination 7  
Simon Spurrier + V. Kenneth Marion

Fanboys vs. Zombies 9  
Sam Humphries + Jerry Gaylord

Ferals:THC: 1  
David Lapham + Gabriel Andrade

Ferals:TPB: 1  
David Lapham + Gabriel Andrade

Ghostbusters: Ongoing 16  
Erik Burnham + Dan Schoening

GI Joe:THC: Cobra: Last Laugh  
Mike Costa + Antonio Fuso

GI Joe/Transformers:TPB: 2  
Josh Blaylock + Mike S. Miller

Gold Digger: Christmas Special 6   
Fred Perry

Grimm Fairy Tales: Bad Girls 5  
Joey Esposito

Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths + Legends 24  
Troy Brownfield

Hollows 1  
Chris Ryall + Sam Kieth

Jennifer Blood 20   
Al Ewing + Kewber Baal

Lenore (2) 7  
Roman Dirge

Love And Capes: What to Expect 5  
Thomas F. Zahler

Mankind:TPB: 2-Story of All of Us  
Kevin Baker

Kyle Platts

Parker:GN: The Hunter  
Darwyn Cooke

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt 4  
Steve Darnell + Jonathan Lau

Phazer 6  
Mariano Nicieza + John Hebert

Planet of the Apes:TPB: Exile 1  
Corinna Bechko + Marc Laming

Popeye 8  
Roger Langridge + Vince Musacchia

Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises 4  
Luke Lieberman + Max Dunbar

Rocketeer:THC: Adventures 2  
Marc Guggenheim + Various

Rocky Horror Picture Show:TPB:  
Kevin VanHook

Rust:THC: 2   Royden Lepp
Sherlock Holmes: Liverpool Demon 1  
Leah Moore + Matt Triano

Snake Eyes + Storm Shadow:TPB: 1  
Chuck Dixon + Robert Atkins

Space 1999:HC: Aftershock + Awe   
Andrew E.C. Gaska + Gray Morrow

Star Trek: Next Generation:TPB: Omnibus  
David Tischman + Casey Malone

Star Trek:HC: Newspaper Strip 1  
Ron Harris

Thien Pham

Supurbia: Ongoing 2  
Grace Randolph + Russell Dauterman

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (5) Ongoing 17  
Tom Waltz + Ben Bates

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (Ongoing) 11  
James Roberts + Alex Milne

Transformers: Robots In Disguise (Ongoing) 12  
John Barber + Andrew Griffith

Transformers: Spotlight Orion Pax (One Shot) 1  
James Roberts + Steve Kurth

Very Zombie Christmas 4  
Fred Perry + David Hutchinson

Victorian Secret: Girls of Steampunk 1-Masquerade  
Ben Dunn

Victorian Secret: Holiday Fun Special  

Waking:TPB: Dreams End  
Raven Gregory + Novo Malgapo


Archie: Betty and Veronica Double Digest 230  
George Gladir + Jeff Shultz

Archie: Life with Archie Married Life 25   
Paul Kupperberg + Fernando Ruiz

Archie: World of Archie Double Digest 24  
George Gladir + Stan Goldberg

Archie:THC: Best of Samm Schwartz 2  
Various + Samm Schwartz

Archie:TPB: Meets Kiss  
Alex Segura + Dan Parent

Garfield:TPB: 1  
Mark Evanier + Gary Barker

Mega Man 20  
Ian Flynn + Gary Martin

SpongeBob Comics 15  
Chuck Dixon + Gregg Schigiel


Alice in the Country of Hearts:GN: 1-My Fanatic   
Rabbit Quinrose + Soumei Hoshino

Battle Angel Alita:GN: Last Order 16  
Yukito Kishiro

Blood Lad:GN: 1  
Yuuki Kodama

Chocolat:GN: 8  

Dance I/t Vampire Bund:GN: Omnibus 1  
Nozomu Tamaki

Evangelion Chronicle Illustrations:GN: 1
Higurashi When They Cry:GN: 20-Massacre Arc Pt 2   
Ryukishi07 + Hinase Momoyama

Itsuwaribito:GN: 7  
Yuuki Iinuma

Kekkaishi:GN: 35  
Yellow Tanabe

Mayo Chicki:GN: 1  
Hajime Asano + Niito

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:GN: 14  
Nagaru Tanigawa + Gaku Tsugano

Pandora Hearts:GN: 13  
Jun Mochizuki

Puella Magi Madoka Magica:GN: 3  
Magica Quartet

Slam Dunk:GN: 25  
Takehiko Inoue

Spice And Wolf:PB: Novel 7   
Isuna Haskura


Fangoria:Mag: 318
Filmfax:Mag: 132
Hobby Japan:Mag: Nov 2012 1008
Horrorhound:Mag: 38
Locus:Mag: 623
Megami:Mag: Oct 2012 78
Rue Morgue Magazine 129
Star Wars:Mag: Insider 138


Batman:TS: 0 By Capullo:
(Medium - XXLarge)  


Marvel:Card: Bronze Age 1970-1985  
Walking Dead:Card: Season 2


Star Wars:Tray: Death Star Silicone Tray  


Batman:STA: B+W: Frank Miller (Second Edition)  
Batman:STA: Dark Knight Rises: Batman Artfx Statue  
Batman:STA: Dark Knight Rises: The Bat Glass Etching  
DC Bishoujo:STA: Power Girl  
DCU:STA: Super Villains: Joker Bust  
Star Wars:STA: Boba Fett Artfx (Return of the Jedi Version)  


Adventure Time 5-Inch Finn + Jake:AF: Asst  
Adventure Time:AF: 2-in Gladiator Ghost + Jake 2-Pack  
Adventure Time:AF: 2-in Wizard Finn + Jake Pack  
Justice League:AF: Superman Action Figure  
Mars Attacks:AF: 6-in  
Tokidoki:AF: Marvel X Frenzies 30pc Blind Box  
Walking Dead:Bank: Black and White Zombie Bust Back 




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